Cambodia: In 2018, The Number Of Casinos Increased By 53%

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January 12, 2022
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Cambodia issued 52 licenses for the operation of the casino last year of licensed institutions by the end of 2018 amounted to 150. Most of the gambling institutions are posted in the province of siianoukville province.

Cambodia: In 2018, The Number of Casinos Increased by 53%

According to the ministry of economy and finance, at the end of last year it was registered by 53% more licensed casinos compared to the end of 2017 (98 gambling institutions).

Ros firun, deputy director of the ministry of cambodia, as well as a representative of the gambling regulator in the kingdom, said that only the coastal province is 88 casinos.

Firun did not inccurate indicators for the the income of the gambling industry last year, saying that the ministry at the moment collects data and prepares a reort.

«We have not yet finalized the report, but according to preliminary forecasts, the profit must be $ 56 million», – he said, adding that casino operators undertake to pay an annual license fee of $ 40 thousand.

Sihanoukville is experiency large-scale transformation. The flow of chinase tourists and investors influenced the market: in a fairly short period of time, not only casino and luxury resorts appeared here, but restaurants, street kiosks and shops also transformed.

Noting town investors of casino arrived from different countries, the official representative of the local authorities agreed that the huge increase in the number of casines to sianville could be associated with the influx of chinase travelers and investments.

Since cambodians are forbidden to visit the casino, they can only benefit from the presence of gambling establishments, trading or providing services to tourists. In addition, the economic development, provoked by the scaling of gambling business, will have a positive effect at the living level of the inhabitants of cambodia.

Despite all the positive parties to the operation of a casino, there are also disadvantages, such as public riots, money laundering or trafficking in persons.

In addition, despite the legislative ban on participation in gambling, according to official data from cambodians, it is still possible to violate the ban.

Recall that amax international reported the conclusion of a transaction for the amount of 9 million hong kong dollars ($ 1.1 million) for the provision of technical and managerial services for casino in sihanville, cambodia.

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