Cambodian Online Casino Must Stop Work Until Decept 31

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April 28, 2022
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According to the office, cambodia online casino are obliged to stop working before new year. Otherwise the violators will persecute in court.

Cambodian Online Casino Must Stop Work Until Decept 31

Representative of the ministry of finance of the country ros fairun stated that government officials will inspect online operators for compliance with the directive of the hong sena prime minister on the cancellation of gambling licenses and termination of the online market by the end of this year.

The decision to terminate the work of the online gambling market of cambodia was made in august 2019. Last week, hong sep confirmed the information on the closure of the market and added that the authorities would treat all the rigor to the violators of the new rules.

According to the right to provide online gambling services will not be issued, and the period of existing permits expires at the end of the year. The renewal of the latter is not provided.

Fearun responsible for the gembling sector confirmed the information and added that the confirmed the desire of the state to minimize the problems associated with money laundering through unscrupulous gambling operators. In addition, the official reported that at the moment the technical capabilities of the transparency of the market work and the controly of the licensees at the proper level.

Most of the new licenses were issued two years ago and are intened for the work of chines operators in sihanville. The republic of prea xianuk said that local authorities were obliged to submit to the solution of higher state bodies. The official also adds that in the near future local authorities will control the market closing process.


According to feerun, at the moment 141 online casinos are valid in cambodia. In june, according to the authorized person, the gembling market was representd by the work of 163 operators. Trend of reducing the number of online casino feerun connects with the publication of the directive. At the same time, according to official data, 72 casinos work in sihanville.

The authorities are set up so radically that checks will begin not january 1, and on the night of december 31.

Despite the fact that most cambodian supports the government’s decision to terminate the state is unable to ensure compliance with new rules.

Recall that one of the land casinos of sihanoukville worked a year without a special permission.

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