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April 25, 2022
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After a short program in the final of the junior grand prix of camila valieva, ranked fourth, but thanks to confident rental, he was ahead of all rivals and mined «gold». Read more in material.

Camila Valiev Justifies The Assured Hopes

Camila valieva: the grand prix was under threat

Russian athlete camila valiev this season only debuted in junior competitions. She is only 13 years old, but experts are alady a gentle girl in figure skating. In the final of the grand prix she fell without much difficulties – «gold» at the stages in france and russia, and the athlete is already one of the main favorite in turin.

Create potential compettion to her can american alice lew, which, despite his age – acting champion of the us adult championship. Complicated the situation the fourth jumps, while her rival stated, in addition to the triple axel, also the quadruple lutz in arbitrary and not one.

According to the summary of the short program, the american was leading. Valiyev after ogrech in rittberger was in fourth place. Read more about the results of kp in the final among juniors, we we wrote in a separate material.

It seemed that the victory had already slipped out of the skates of the camila, but the arbitrary put everything into place. Alice lew performed his jumps, but the judges estimated them low, noticing in each of the elements undersecated.

As a result, the quality rental of valiyeva liked the judges more. As a result – 138.45 for arbitrary and final first place with 207.47 points. American received «silver» – from 204.65, and closed the top three on the pedestal of daria usacheva with a result of 200.37 points.


As he admitted after the rental of the tournament, the injury made her abandon her fourth in the program, as it began to train the camila less a month ago. But despite all the factors that seemed to be against her, an athlete once again justified epithets issued to her and diffirams from experts. And also proved that the there presence of quads does not guarantee victories in modern figure skating.

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