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April 14, 2022
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The Mayor's Candidate Offered to Open A Casino in the New York Water Area

Candidate of mayor andrew young suggestod opening a casino at the governor’s island as a way to increase revenue for the restoration of new york.

This idea, however, can meet the confrontation if he adheres to her as the next chapter of the city.

"This casino would bring so much money money that it is difficult to imagine. If the city was able to establish a process and something to use this, it would be one of the recovery engines ",

– told young during a recent performance on the radio in the breakfast club program.

We are talking ara of coastal area of 172 acres in the harbor of new york, and to which it can be reached only by ferry. Currently there are several restaurants and enterprises, a large park and a national monument, as well as open space.

Young said during a speech on the radio, that the city must constantly invent new ways to seduce guest guests. Casino on the island will not only attract tourists, but will also bring hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Theoretically, the income of this magnitude could partly compensate for its value plan of the base income in the amount of $ 1 billion, which would provide direct payments for half a million poorest residents of the city.

There will be sevel problems with such a proposal: first, the casino is prohibited on the island due to the limitations of the 2003 law, which was agreed with the federal government. Secondly, unused plots of the island are unlikely to remain such for a long time.

Governors island trust is now in the process of changing zoning to provide an island building over millions of square feet, partly in order to pay for its activities.

"Current plans for the governor’s islanda are concentrated on the development of a multifunction campus, which will offer educational, commercial and hotel services on climate change and sustainability. Indition to the fact that it is no scenario in which the casino could fit into current or future plans of the governor’s island ",

– said alicia glen, chairman of the council of trust and former deport mayor.

However, in the headquarts of yang noted that this is only an idea, and not a ready plan.

"Andrew believe in a permanent discussion of new and creative ideas that will help restore our city, but he also believees that any major development project should be headed by the community. That is why this idea, like many others, will not be implemented if the stakeholders do not believe in the process. And at this stage, this project is distant even from the beginning. ",

– representatives of yang chris coffin assured in a statement.

Casino development is regulated by the state and in recent years focused on the northern regions of the state, although in the past, the leadership of albany thought about ading licenses in the state.

Source: publication politico

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