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January 28, 2022
7 minutes

This discipline is designed for 2 participants. Compared to other gambling entertainment, it is young, but at the same time popular. Play according to the rules in Gene Ramma Today you can in most casinos on the Internet.

History reference

It is not known who and when he invented this discipline. There are several theories of her origin, but they did not find confirmation. According to one of them, the game was created by Alwood and Graham Bakers in 1909 as a faster version of classical framework. A few years later she was popular in the USA. Today she is among the top ten gambling with the greatest audience.

Over time, in addition to the classic rules, many other variations of Gina. They are changing the order of distribution and principles of a set of glasses, but the essence of the same.

Goal games

The task of opponents is to collect hands, fully consisting of sets and wounds, that is, combinations of equal advantage and sequences of one suit. They give a different number of points. Who will first reach the agreed mark, he will win. Usually the party is under up to 100 points.

Distribution online

Compared to classic frames, there is a second task – to leave the minimum of cards that do not form a combination. They are called Dedwood.

All rules of Jean Ramma

In the distribution use standard deck. Each card has its own nominal and gives a certain number of points:

RestBy their number

When wounds, the Ace is considered the smallest card. It can stand before twin and three, but does not close the lady and the king.

To begin with a deck, paper recording paper and opponent. Two people participate in the distribution. If you want three, one becomes passing. If four – the game is conducted by separate pairs.

Opponents distribute 10 cards. The remainder of the deck is placed between them as a drain, and the top opens and places near, forming a stack of discharge. Next, opponents make consistent actions:

  • The opponent who received the right of the first move takes the map (DRO) from any stack and adds to his hand.
  • In return, he puts on a reset another. If the draw is taken from the drain, you can throw it off. Opponents do it in turn until they are ready to open a hand.
  • In the last step, combinations are formed. The map is discharged by a shirt up, the remaining – open. Player demonstrates available sets and wounds. Part of the hand not involved in combination should give in the amount of no more than 10 points.

If when autopsy is used to compile combinations, a whole hand is used, a person can declare jin. After that, counting is calculated. Opponent gets a fine in the amount of Dedwood formed from him. Gina holder earns 25 points and the sum of the rival glasses.

The player who used in combination most of the hand can declare NOC and get a reward for the collected combinations. Dedwood should not exceed 10.

There is a third situation – Anderkat. With it, in case of a nouse, opponents can add their own cards to combinations. If, as a result, someone will have a smaller Dedwood’s account than the new Nok, he wins. His opponent is counted fine 25 points.

All combinations

There are several types of combinations:

  • Set. Same Rank. 3 or 4 cards of one dignity.
  • Ran. Sequences. Combination of one suit that goes ascending.

Examples of set and wound

When discharge, you need to take into account the strength of the hand and the likelihood of collecting various combinations. Get rid of the card, which cannot potentially be involved in the opening.

Description of the course of the game

For more than 100 years of existence of this discipline, other types of rules arose. From classic they differ in detail.


The main feature is the limit on the number of points, to which you can complete the distribution. Everything defines the first reset. If this is a peak, the record of points doubles, if the ace, then the knock is prohibited.

Five hundred

Classic Rules Gin Rammi Card Game Rules are used with some changes. The first statement has no restrictions on the number of points. The party is under 500 points, and opponents receive 13 cards instead of 10.


Up to 12 people can participate in the distribution. To do this, use several decks with jokers that complement any combination. Players get 15 cards.


Before starting and completing each surrender, one of the opponents is knocking on the table. For this course, the initiator must open the hand and decompose the combinations.

Dedwood account should not exceed 10 points.

His rival is his combinations. You can not add cards in them to a combination of the first player to reduce the Dedwood. Next occurs to summarize.

Definition of results

When declaring Gina assembled his player gets bonus 25 points. Also, he is the points for Dedwood Opponent. Perhaps the bill not included in the combination of maps of a man who made a man will be less than the opponent. Then he should be the difference between Dedwood. Otherwise, her and 25 more points receive the second player.

Penalty glasses

There are two situations under which they apply to the distribution participant:

  • When collecting Gina. The opponent declared his player deprives the number of points corresponding to Dedorrow.
  • Andercat. If a man has made a man who has a bigger bill not included in the combination of cards than his opponent, it is fined for 25 points.

These points are minced from the results for the whole distribution.

Division of bank

Gin Rummy rules imply a 75% prize-winning player who won. The remaining part of the funds take the rest of the party. Their share is determined by the number of penalty points.

Popular game strategies

In Gene Ramma there are no certain systems based on mathematical principles. Distribution results are fully dependent on human mastery. Newcomers First you need to learn a few things:

  • Great importance is the ability to memorize reset. This information can be used to gain benefits in the future.
  • You need to strive to collect a strong hand and not allow it to make it a rival.
  • Pull cards more profitable from the general deck. You can only climb a stack of discharge in the confidence that such a decision will immediately bring the desired result.

Mathematical strategies do not act, as the game almost does not depend on the case.

Recommendations players

There are some more tips to help win more distributions:

  • In Dedorrow it is better to leave the smallest cards if they are not suitable for collecting combinations.
  • In front of the nok should be reduced part of the hand, not folding in combination.
  • With the presence of pictures, they make sense to leave if the first reset makes the opponent.

Before putting money, you need to practice in a game of interest. Pick up the bank in this case is impossible, but the risk is also missing. To master the rules, 5-10 distributions are enough.

The most famous players

The most successful in Gin Rammi in history is considered Stu Anger. He was remembered for the ability to read the hands of opponents and the outcome of the distribution. After success in this discipline, he switched to poker.

Stu Angere

Oswald Jacobi and Erni Kovach are considered lovers of large rates. The first became the world champion in Gin, Bridge and Nardam. The second in 1962 issued a book with useful advice.

Frequent questions and answers

Why the game became such a popular?

Thanks to the simple rules and tactical components.

Will the strategy will win?

To some extent will help. But the system that gives one hundred percent result does not exist.

Is it possible to play Jean Rammi for money?

Such an opportunity is given casino. It is allowed to choose a table with different levels of rates.

In which casino you can get a bonus when registering?

On the pages of this site there are lists of proven sites that give money for creating an account.

Where to get a profitable bonus code?

In online casino, on forums and game sites.

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