Carelo Alvarez Is Ready To Go Along The Path Of Floyd Maevezer

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April 13, 2022
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Saul alvarez – the highest paid boxer in the world after the departure of floyd maevezer. But, apparently, the imitation of the americans does not end. The athlete admitted that he is ready to go to the ring with the ufc representative. Read more in material.

Carelo Alvarez Is Ready To Go Along The Path Of Floyd Maevezer
Content: 1. Saul alvarez wants to be better than maweather2. «Caled» ready to your mcgregor

Saul alvarez wants to be better than maevezer

In 2013 «caled» alvarez held a historical fight against floyd maevezer himself. The duel was held all 12 rounds, and the american was recorded in his asset, who ended his career was not discovered. But this meeting has changed the life of a talented and bright mexican. Then «ginger» got a huge fee – $ 11 million excluding deductions for paid broadcasts, but his opponent went with a check four times higher than.

And from the moment the boxer was filled with the desire to become better floyd. After his historical victory over gennady golovkin in revenche (the first battle ended in a draw) he managed to implement this by signing a record agreement with dazn. More details we wrote in a separate material.

Now saul himself became a tailed piece for any professional. But «caled» would not be myself if i didn’t strive for more, as, however, and his promoter oscar de la hoya. And here in a recent interview, the part of which leads the authoritative portal boxingscene, alvarez admitted that in the future, he was not against fighting with someone from the ufc fighters according to the rules of boxing.

«Caled» ready to your mcgregor

Such a crossover – not new to the public. I first realized the benefits of such a collaboration by maeveter, when in 2017 he conducted a boxing meeting against the star ufc mcgregor. About such fees most athletes can only dream. According to media information, floyd received $ 100 million for the ring. At the same time, the boxer himself practically did not strain for this, only played in the cat-mouse with the ufc champion before the 10th round.

Alvarez in the same interview claims that it will be an easy match, but only if they are ready to give good money for it.

«For me is not a problem to get out against the fighter ufc… they do not represent problems or risk because the styles and ways of struggle are very different, it’s as if you fought with a street fighter», – summed up «caled».

What do you think, who from the fighters of the ufc is ready to challenge the saulu and whether the mexican will get the same fame that floyd? Write your opinion in the comments.

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october 12, 2019

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