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April 7, 2022
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Master the roulette at the base level is fairly easy. But for a successful game in a casino, you need to either take the experience of knowledgeing players, or to learn from errors yourself. Preferably study books about casino and roulette than risking your own money.

«1001 night in the casino», Alec Sukhov

Alec Sukhov — Russian professional player who has repeatedly hit the blacklist of the casino due to regular winnings. By the time of entry into force in Russia of the Law on Gambling, as a result of which a casino was closed in most cities, he accumulated large capital.

The book is easy to read. This is not a dry training manual, but a kind of diary describing the history of the author from the first visit to the gambling establishment before its formation as a professional in Gambling.

Alec Sukhov believes that the success of the player first of all depends on his psychological state

The author is divided by real experience, describes the subtleties and psychology of behavior, explains in detail the rules and in a living manner shares his observations. He tells how to manage Bankroll, describes popular systems and shares recommendations for building their own victory strategy.

«1001 night in the casino» Designed for newbies. The author without a villaness describes the difficult path that he had to go to become a successful hembler. His main goal — warning the reader from common mistakes.

The book exists only in the author’s edition and distributed in electronic form. Alec Sukhov participates in the Internet discussions of his benefit and personally advises those who want.

«Unknown Roulette. Casino secrets. Player Desktop Casino», Dmitry Kukhachenko

The publication is designed for readers of any level of skill. Chapters dedicated to the rules, types of rates, popular systems and strategies, are intended for beginners. Experienced gembrellas will be interested in the practice of applying the theory of probability when analyzing the course of the game and mathematical modeling.

IN «Unknown roulette» The issues of the structure of the wheel are not considered, the author casually concerns the topic of the effect of the dealer for the result. It is connected with the fact that Dmitry Kukhachenko writes mainly about online roulette. On the Internet, the results depend on the program generator of random numbers (GSH) and do not obey the laws of physics.

The laws of physics do not apply in electronic roulettes

«Thousands of secrets casino», Bill Barton

In 16 chapters of the book contains 1000 tips, which cover most topics related to gembling. Professional player Bill Barton describes all major gambling entertainment, recommends different approaches, tells about the principles of bankroll management, additional options (including shares and bonuses) and services that gambling institution.

Favorite author’s strategy in roulette — Cover the rates of 16 digits located on the wheel. Bill Barton recommends putting two chips on a pair of 10/13 and 28/31 (Double Street), one more — On the square 17/18/20/21. If the bet will play, you need to add one chip to the next spin.

«Roulette. Game Systems», Dmitry Forest, Lev Natanson

Dmitry Forest is the President of the Federation of Sports Poker Russia, the organizer of large international tournaments, developer (jointly with Alexander Makarov) Programs for playing preference and founder «Schools Poker». In collaboration with mathematician Lvov Natanson, professional gembler has created a unique benefit.

This is one of the first fundamental research issued in Russian. The authors lead interesting historical information, but most of the publication is devoted to a detailed presentation of the mathematical approach and the description of the strategies of the game.

Dmitry Forest and Lev Natanson ignore psychology, paying attention exclusively on mathematics. Management «Roulette. Game Systems» does not guarantee receipt of winnings, but contains information that you need to know any person who makes bets.

Dmitry Forest (distributes cards) — Poker Legend, Professional Player

The book enters the cult encyclopedia «Gambling House». A series of training materials also includes other publications about gambling entertainment:

  1. «Is it possible to beat the slot machine?» History of the emergence and development of automata, principles of operation and winning strategies.
  2. «Poker». Main mistakes and segless rules, strict mathematics of several varieties of poker: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Oasis.
  3. «Gambling House». Rules of the most popular and some little-known games (cards, bones, backgammon, tote, solitaires), professional vocabulary.
  4. «Russian preference». History, theory and culture of preference. A large number of tasks have been collected in the book, there is a parsing on probability theory with comments of a professional player and detailed analysis of techniques.

This is a powerful knowledge base that will give an understanding of the rules and subtleties of most gambling entertainment, will reveal the main systems and strategies.

«All about roulette», John Hallon

Total 19 pages of text from the author of the Safe Bestseller «That you do not need to know about the casino, according to the casino itself». The brochure came out with a separate publication in 1987 and despite the modest volume contain exhaustive answers to newcomers. This is a light and interesting book on how to beat a dealer in a roulette, it is clearly recommended for reading.

After brief historical certificates and sobering mathematical calculations, accompanied by funny examples from real life, the author proceeds to the description of the winning strategies. John Hallon leads the reader to the conclusion that the winning system is based on the analysis and use of several indicators. In fact, the principle of timing is based on the initial position of the ball relative to the wheel and their rotational speed. Also taken into account the individual handwriting of the dealer and the influence of reflectors, which slow down the movement of the ball.

The croupier usually launches the ball with the same speed

In electronic roulettes, chronometry methods do not work, because the unpredictability of the results is achieved through the use of HSH. In terrestrial institutions, the most common countermeasure is to replace the wheel. But some recommendations from the book can be used in online casino with games in Live Casino format.

Specialized literature will be useful not only to those who want to improve their skills, but also a wide circle of readers. Books on how to beat a roulette in a casino will allow everyone to learn the hidden features of the game, the secret methods of professionals and interesting theories, in no way risking their own money.

Book name Author

1001 night in the casinoAlec Sukhov
Unknown Roulette. Casino secrets. Player Desktop CasinoDmitry Kukhachenko
Thousands of secrets casinoBill Barton
Roulette. Game SystemsDmitry Forest, Lev Natanson
All about rouletteJohn Hallon

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