Casino Can Be Opened In The Kiev Hotel “Dnipro”

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June 13, 2022
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According to daniel gatemansev, the high cost of the hotel sold «dnieper», which, according to the latest data, shich, should be equipped with a hotel for cybersports, may be due to plans to open a casino there.

Casino Can Be Opened in the Kiev Hotel'Dnipro'

In an interviewe on the zik channel, the people’s depeution expressed the assumption of the law on the legalization of gambling business at the legalization of gambling business at the hotel with an area of ​​nearly 13 kv. M, which is located in the center of the capital, will be open and gambling establishment.

By the way, according to the expert, the translation of the bookmakers in the gambling zones will have a negative impact on tax deductions to the budget of kazakhstan.

At the sale of the building is unfounded, since the whole procedure was implemented in accordance with the law, and the state, for its part, is interested in obtaining great financial benefits. Separately, the expert expressed confidence that representatives of the industry from the russian federation did not participate in the privatization of the hotel.

It is worth clarifying that the building is sold at auction for 1.1 billion uah, while the initial cost was equal to more thank 80 million uah. It is reported that the winner of the auction is the company llc «smartland», registered in brovary (kyiv region).

Recall, in some regions of ukraline, regional authorities prohibit gambling business.

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