Casino In Albania Will Start Licensed Under The New Rules

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June 16, 2022
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In several regions of albania legalized gambling business, also installed licensing regime for gambling operators. Decisions adopted the government. Before than, gembling was significantly limited throughout the country. Casino worked only in the center of tirana, the traditional bingo and the national lottery legalized.

Casino in Albania Will Start Licensed Under the New Rules

By the expansion of the territories for gambling, it was established that the casino can also be located on the streets adjacent to the center of tirana: in the direction of the barricad road to urano pano street, on the streets of deda, gyon luli, ibrahim rrugova, boulevard zhanna d’ark, george bush street.

Another government ruling makes changes to the current law on gambling and establishes the criteria for the competition to receive a gambling license. The text of the document states that a casino license costs 1 billion albanian leaks ($ 9.5 million) for each ground establishment. The amount is paid at 100 million leaks ($ 951 thousand.) every year during a 10-year license life. The requirement for the authorized capital of the operator – at least 1.2 billion leaks.

Licensing takes place on a competitive basis, which conducts profile management. The process must be public and open, indicated in the ruling. Among the standard requirements for gambling operators, the law also prescribes to provide a regulator financial information about the company’s shareholders. He is also obliged to its amlf online monitoring system, the work of which will control the control of finnadzor albania. Casino requires data on each player and its transactions and store them for three years.

Foreign operators to obtain a license need to have its own republic of albania and the authorized capital of 1.2 billion lects and more. The operator is obliged to disclose sources of income and the formation of capital. The licensee provides the regulator the property guarantee of the success of the project, as well as the obligation to limit the rights of shareholders to the amount of such a guarantee.

Recall that in kazakhstan, gambling zones are offered to organize in transit areas of the airport.

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