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January 20, 2022
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Macau authorities announced the closure of all casinos in the region for two weeks due to the risk of proliferation of coronavirus. This was reported on the local tv channel. The decision took the head of the region he is.

On the possible closure of gambling authorities, the authorities were first announced in mid-january. Currently, the decision is made, and on february 12, macao casino will cease to work. Explainingials explained that the province was recorded already the ninth case of the disease corrivirus and one of his casriers was the casino employee. In addition, the flow of guests into macau’s gambling institutions has declined in january 2020 due to become infected in players of large cluster of people.

Head of the hechhen region, held a meeting with gambling representatives. He agreed will continue to receive a salary, despite the forced closure of institutions.

In the special administrative district of china macau officially operate 41 casinoes. They installed more than six thousand thousand gambling tables and 17 thousand slot machines. In the entire history of the existence of the gambling casino zone in macau, they closed their doors only once – in september 2018 due to typhoon manghaut. According to bloomberg, then as a result of the suspension of work for 33 hours, entrepreneurs lost more than 186 million dollars.

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