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April 15, 2022
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RESERTS World Foundation Foundation headed the construction of a new medical center

The modern medical center for policemen and their families will soon appear in the philippines in bagrag diva camp in bikutan. It will be created using the world cultural heritage foundation philippines (rwpchf), philippine entertainment corporation and games (pagcor).  On january 22, 2021, the foundation laying ceremony was held, marking the start of construction of an object.

Rwpchf is a charitable travelers international hotel group, inc., operator resorts world manila casino. 500 million pesos were allocated for the construction of the ncrpo medical center.

According to chairman and director general of pagcor andrea d. Domingo, according to the regulatory rules of pagcor, casino licensees must lay the foundation for the restoration of cultural heritage.

"A certain part of their gross revenues from gambling is allocated by these funds, which will be used to protect, preserve and restore cultural heritage sites in the philippines; improving public schools in the country; and providing quality medical services. Our licensees through their funds make a great contribution to the health sector of the country. Indition to their efforts to combat covid-19, they also donate a fair amount for the creation of medical institutions in the philippines ".

Among these medical facilities – the first hospital for farnando philippine workers in san fernando, pampang, a medical institution in the remote town of san andres in the prosidential security group in malakanan, manila.

Meanwhile, the pressident and chief executive officer travelers kingson. Xian said that it is now very timely building new hospitals when health and safety are above all for all.

"It is quite appropriate that we are currently proceeding to implement this project – the creation of a modern medical center equipped in accordance with new standards, which will expand pnp capabilities to ensure their devotees to their police officers and their families with the concern that they deserve."

Resorts world manila also previously combined efforts with pnp in the repair and supply of new medical equipment in the sinagtala wing of the general pnp hospital to improve medical services for serviced men and women, as well as their families. Last year, as part of his assistance to the population during this pandemic rwm also donated personal protective equipment for police officers within the ncrpo to help protect those who are in the forefront of the fight against covid-19.

Source: official site pagcor

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