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February 17, 2022
12 minutes

Interview with Oksana PRUDNIKOVA

Editorial gamblingread.Com continues to acquaint readers with interesting people associated with the world of gambling. Today, our interlocutor became the head of the group of account management agency apbooster oksana prudnikova. Specialist told how much the promotion of the online casino application in google play and the app store and for which stores block mobile clients.

– hello, please, please our readers. What is your name and what position do you take in the company?

– good afternoon! My name is oksana prudnikova, i am tim lid group of account managers at the appbooster mobile marketing agency.

– the company specializes in promoting applications for phones. Tell me, with what subect you are coming to work most often? Games, online shopping, maybe something else?

– for 7 years of work i made it possible to work with all popular verticals. This is e-commerce, travel, entertainment, finance, food, books, lifestyle, sports and other. It is worth noting the vertical of the games in which we also have experience.

– the concepts of motivated traffic and installations are repeatedly mentioned on your site. What it is, if we talk simple words?

– motivated traffic – the acceleration tool and increasing rotation (position in the issuance) of your application for search queries inside stores.

First, the new program must pass indexation, then "become visible" to be at high positions in the extradition. This will collect organic (target) traffic.

Users browsing, as a rule, the first 2-3 screens of issuing on request and do not prove until the 10th, 50th and even more so until the 100th place.

New applications always turn out to be at the very bottom of the issuance. Programs with large volumes of advertising traffic can grow to 50+ positions. To achieve top places in the ranking, motvated traffic (or the motive, as it is called in community).

This is the base of living users who we carefully select. They are injected in the search bar. – application store) your target query, find an application on the icon, title and install it. The store sees the program and raises it above in extradition. The application begins to receive organic traffic, pays off the cost of conclusion in the top. The best results begin when hitting the 1st and 2nd place.

General scheme of working with motivated traffic

– did you have experience in promoting casino applications? What strategy can offer such programs?

– yes, we worked with casino genre applications. The most active advertisers appealed to us about a year ago.

The strategy promotion of applications in vertical casino does not differ in principle from others, but there is much higher competition, because of which resources require more. I’ll tell you more.

First of all, the new application is worth thinking about aso – the application page optimization in store. This is a landing, where the user accepts the final solution to install the application. With poorly developed aso, the program will lose in conversion, and it will hit the metrics of all traffic sources.

Pay attention to the visual component of the application (screenshots and especially icon) is important for another reason. If in the top all the programs look like under the copy, the user will cling to the most attractive.
Aso includes icon, title, subtitle, description, rating and reviews on the apps of the app store and google play.

– what else, except aso, you can offer?

– the most effective way to promote applications in the field of casino – in stors for search queries. In this niche, you can pick up a large pool and promote it by motivated traffic, which we have already told about. It is worth contacting him after the completion of aso.

In the russian region, we can provide 15,000-18,000 motivated installations for ios applications and up to 25,000 – for android. Such volumes are usually enough to output and maintain in the top of a good pool of frequency keys. However, due to high competition, the vertical of one motivated traffic is not enough.

In this case, we connect automated. It is provided by our chinese partners on the asopulse platform. The general principle of working with such traffic is similar to actions with the motive. The application receives acceleration in the form of installations according to certain search queries, enters the top, and then it is noticeable and installed this users. Of the features – there is no limit on volumes and several payment models: under warranty (for achieving a certain position) or with payment for the installation.

– are there any peculiarities for ios and android applications?

– yes. Each platform employs different strategies for promotion requests.

App store in general, loyal refers to motivated and automated traffic. Here the main feature of the rotation of the application above is the number of installations on request per day. Accordingly, the promotion comes down to ensure the number of downloads for each interested search query. As a rule, advertisers begin with a motive, and when its volumes are run out, go to automated traffic. This is due to high casino vertical competition.

Another argument in favor of automated traffic – speed. Casino applications live in the app store not long, and their production by advertisers is put on the flow. As soon as one program is deleted, traffic is immediately translated immediately translated into the following. The process of output to the top begins again. In this case, automated traffic saves the precious time of the application.

Well, the latter – the frequency of the most popular search queries due to most popular search queries due to compettion can be artificially overestimated several times, which will affect the budget of motivated traffic. Automated ignores these restrictions at the expense of another payment model – for the actually achieved positions.

Google play refers to application rotation carefully and takes into account behavioral factors. Promotion of motivated traffic on our scheme works for android programs. It looks like this: small volumes of installations on large pools of semantically related search queries, repeated discoveries on 2, 3 and 8 days. In general, the casino applications are happening here lessiss. However, lower and user solvency.

– and what is the average budget promotion application for gambling? How much is the popularity of casino? From which digit should be repelled?

– approximately promotion of casino on ios starts from several thousand dollars. It affects strong compettion. On android, this plank is noticeably lower – the budget begins from several tens of thousand rubles and will depend on the number of key indexed keys.

– what difficulties are faceing owners when promoting casino applications?

– first of all, complex moderation. The subject of the casino is unwanted for application stores. Developers are constantly looking for ways to pass moderation. Specific loopholes, alas, do not know, but we will advise you to ask in tusovka.

Naturally, these are also applications. As talked above, in the app store the life of a separate application is small, in google play it is above. Also use tricks here. For example, after moderation, they give the program to "fly away" in store, and active promotion starts in a few weeks. It is believed that this reduces the risk of receiving a ban in the first days after the publication.

Reason for blocking – casino topics. Separately, we note that the use of motivated and automated traffic on our experience never entailed the ban.

All programs are faced with indexation. This is the situation when the stor determines how requesting the application will be in extradition. The indexation is usually running quickly, immediately after it is started to buy motivated and automated traffic. As soon as she falls into the ban, the process is repeated. Advertisers usually have sevel applications in the reserve: with the completed moderation and ready-to-conclusion.

On android indexing takes more time. Here the application needs to "swing" smoothly, small volumes of motivated traffic.

Well, of course, competition – niche casino was the red ocean (approximately. – the emerging market with a large number of participants), which significantly increased the entry threshold.

– recently, google announced the possibility of the placing real money applications in the play store in australia, belgium, canada, usa, germany and a number of other countries. If this innovation gets to the cis, a large number of people will like to take places in the top. Ready for the influx of such customers?

– we work with traffic suppliers to different geo. Ready to bring to the top in any country.

– and what about abroad? Whether they are often encountered with customers from europe, asia, usa?

– we cooperate with developers from the cis, and thely applications for different geo. There are not only russia, but also the countries of europe.

– do you work with traditional advertising traffic? What does the target audience of gambling lovers look like?

– we also attract traffic from advertising sources, in particular, from facebook. We have an internal department of media banking (approx. Red. – wholesale purchase of advertising sites), but for offering casino we used our own affiliate network.

Team appbooster

To work in facebook with a vertical casino requires a lot of resourses, there are often bans of cabinets and cards. So connecting your own partners who have long been with us allowed to reduce costs.

If we talk about the economy, on average we earned $ 50 per deposit.

– what metrics you have to work most?

Ctr, cpc, cpm, cpi, cpa, cost per deposit *. Also, if we have seen that the application is low rating and weak reviews, we offered to conduct an adjustment not to lose precious interest conversion. I would like to recall all the owners of the applications that aso is paramount!

* ctr – the ratio of the number of clicks on the banner or advertising announcement to the number of shows.
Cpc – the amount of funds that will be written off by the site for each click on the announcement or banner.
Cpm – price for a thouusand shows banner, announcements.
Cpi – the cost of installing the application from the entire advertising channel.
Cpa – payment of advertising only for the perfect target action.
Cost per deposit – payment for deposit.

– what other verticals you work?

– after boom of casino, betting services began to contact us. Here we also managed to move to top of our advertisers inside the storagic from our partners. We have experience directly with bookmakers in the cis countries.

– finally would would you wish our readers?

– always find working ligaments and do not forget about aso! And for help in promoting applications to contact professionals.

Thank you very much for your time!

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