Casino Resort Can Help Osaka To Take The Formula 1 Race

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January 31, 2022
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The placement of the casino in osaka can help the megapolis on the east coast of japan to get the right to participate in the gran runer «formula 1». This was stated by mayor osaka hirofumi yoshimur, reports the local edition of the mainichi.

Casino Resort Can Help Osaka to Take the Formula 1 Race

The official notic noted that such a race could be part of the implementation of a foreign tourism development strategy in osaka, the third city of japan in population. However, high-quality roads should be built here.

Artificial island of humashima will take worldwide exhibition world expo 2025. Indition, this location was also defined by the city authorities as a cadidate for the construction of a cadidate for the construction of a casino resort, if the national government approves this initiative.

In late november, the japaneese brokerage company nomura stated that the success of osaka in the selection on the world expo 2025 will pave the way to the resort casino. Basically, due to the fact that cen subsequently be used by major market participants.

Mayor of yoshimur pointed out in his recent comments that races can be organized on the streets of the hummies.

Several famous casino jurisdictions – monaco and singapore – also currently carry out street races within the round «formula 1».

«If we can attract investment from around the world, it will achieve what you currently cannot be implemented in japan. Racing on street tracks can be organized in huma», – said yoshimura.

Annually in japan is one grand prix «formula 1» on the suzuka racing highway in the prefectures on the main and largest island of japan, and approximately 100 km (62 miles) southeast of osaka. This year the race will be held in october.

Previously, it became known that investments in the osaka resort casino can reach $ 8.5 billion.

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