Casino Revenues In Macau Fell 48% After The New Form Of The Delta Virus Appears

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June 10, 2022
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Casino Revenues in Macau FELL 48% After the New Form of the Delta Virus Appears

According to sanford c report. Bernstein ltd., investment research and institutional assets management, casino income in macau fell by 48% for the first week of august.

The study showed that the average day gross income from games (ggr) fell by 48% in the first week of the macaut with the previous week, macau daily times reports. The amount of 125 million patac (about 15 million dollars) is the lowest day ggr from the end of september 2020.

The main reason of covid-19 delta, the four cases of which were registered on august 3, sincreak remains likely, since the affected people were in contact with the community.

However, seven days of covid-19, which prompted the government to cancel the "immediate prevention" mode, which was used from august 3 to 10, after the detection of these initial cases.

During this preventive period, cross-border trips were limited, and security measures were taken against the spread of the disease, including the requiement to proside negative results on covid-19 for those who go to macau.

Mass testing was also conducted among the population of macau, and, although on august 4, the casino operations were discontinued, some other activities were limited, which ultimately indirectly influenced the casino industry, because the fear was prevalent before the distribution of the delta version.

More thana prodee dozen casinos in the area produce half of local gdp and have not been obliged to suspend activities, provided that they will close "immediately" if any case is detected.

"Last time we closed the casino for several days, because the casino were infected. This time there is no infection, but if we find any cases in a casino, we will immediately close this casino, "said the ceo of ho yat seng, referring to the measures taken in february 2020.

Now that limitations on the boundaries are canceled and the state of "immediate prevention" is redued to "prevention", it is believed that the situation is now under control, which will allow casino operators to return to the previous income level.

However, macau daily times reports that it is expected that the results of august will show a 30% decline compared to july, the second best month from the beginning of the pandemic; and 70% less than in 2019.

Source: yogonet

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