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January 12, 2022
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During december 2018, the main directorate of the ministry of emergency situations of russia in the krasnodar territory arranged unscheduled inspections of the gambling establishment «casino sochi», located in irskz «krasnaya polyana».

The reason for this was the expiration of the period allocated to eliminate disorders identified at previous checks.

According to reports on activities, the fire safety system of the gambling institution does not send an incident signal to the remote control of the fire department without the participation of employees. The elimination of this violation of the casino administration was given time until june 2019.

«Casino sochi» works in irskz «krasnaya polyana» since 2016. Resident is silverron international pte, based in singapore.

Recall: at the end of november 2018 in «casino sochi» a weekly series of poker tournaments sochi poker festival. Players walked over a prize fund in the amount of 13 million rubles, as well as for a unique gift – memorable gold bracelet with diamond inserts.

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