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March 4, 2022
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AESF reported that Celebrate was accepted into the Olympic offset from 2022

The asian federation of electronic sports (aesf) officially announced that cybersport awards will be adopted in the olympic copper offset on asian games of 2022 in hangzhou, china. This means that all medals won in the cybersport category are taken into account directly in the country’s medal standings.

This achievement is the result of several years of collective efforts with not only aesf, but also consistent support from the olympic council of asia (oca), aesf member countries, local organizational committees and other cooperation partners.

It was the expected step. Cybersport was presented in the multistiversity since his debut in 2017 in asian games in enclosed premises and for martial arts (aimag) in ashgabat, turkmenistan. In the asian games of 2018, cybersport debuted in asian games, presenting six games in jakarta.

In 2019, the manila sea played in history, because for the first time the cybersport was included as a medal sport in a regional multistiversity event. In 2021, cyberport will again become part of the celebrations at the sea-2021 games in hanoi, vietnam. Returning to a complete circle since its appearance on aimag 2017, cyberport will return in 2021, this time in chonburi, thailand.

At the asian games of 2018, the same status and appeal received the same status and appeal in jakarta as their "traditional" sports colleagues. It significantly changed the idea of ​​the esport and improved its image, especially among nonentusists.

Iespa president (indonesian economic sports association) eddie lim congratulated aesf and his colleague in china with this wonderful news:

"On behalf of iespa and the celebration community of indonesia, i am very pleased with this development. I hope that everything that has been achieved in 2018 will provide a solid foundation in order to make cybersport in asian games of 2022 more large-scale and ambitious event. We are more than happy to share all the resources and ideas for our colleagues in hangzhou, if necessary, and i can’t wait to see what they have prepared for a cybersport scene ".

Also welcomed this news mr. Heider ahe farman, oca sports director, who noted:

"For all (cybersport community) it would be a great honor to take part in games as players and officials. I hope that the cybersport will benefit, and i am sure that it will be during the asian games of 2022 and next. Aesf as the continental federation will be responsible for all technical and operational issues during the asian games in hangzhou 2022. I hope to cooperate with aesf ".

Commenting on this historical step, president aesf mr. Kenneth fock said:

"I am very happy with this news and welcome it completely. This is a success story not only aesf, but also the cybersport community as a whole. Our past successes are rightfully noted, but we are always looking forward to big and best achievements. We express special thanks to oca for the fact that you have honored this honor, and we promise to maximize this opportunity ".

Adding esports to asian games 2022 in hangzhou is not only synergy between aesf and oca in the promotion of cybersport, but also the desire of oca to develop and keep up with the times. Aesf would like to sincerely thank our colleagues from oca for trust. Celebrate approaches its legitimate position at the competitive sports arena, and we hope for continuous and focused efforts of all participants.

Source: official site aesf

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