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July 20, 2022
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CEO OF THE GENERAL Director of Suncil GROUP Elvina Chow

Public security bureau of wenzhou city in china issued an order for the arrest of the general director of the suncity group elvina chow.

According to the report on the official wechat page on friday, chow is accused of "opening a casino in china" through transboundary gambling operations on behalf of suncil gaming promotion company limited. Another suncity others, as reported, were already brought to the responsibility of wenzhou people’s prosecutor’s office for such crimes, as allegedly opening a casino.

In his long message of an investigation into ningning and other countries and found that "a criminal group of transboundary gambling, headed by the criminal offenses of elvin chow soka va and including zhang ninnin and others as the main members. In the commission of a crime associated with the opening of a casino in china, and these actions are aggravated.

People’s prosecutor’s office wenzhou subsequently approved the arrest chow in accordance with the law.

Investigation, it turned out that "since 2007, elvin chow chekza was a contract with aircraft operators in macau casino, and then in 2016 launched a platform for online gambling in the philippines".

"To get illegal profit, chau hired mainland chinese employees as agents at the level of shareholders and margin on gambling, organizing for citizens of china participation in gambling abroad and participating in cross-border online gaming through the provision of high loans and promotion of gambling. Business providing transportation services and technical support.

"Chau has created an assets management company in mainland china to provide players for the exchange of assets for the game chips, helped collect debts on gambling, helped customers in transboundary capital exchange and used underground banks to provide cash services to the cash balances players. Under the leadership of chow and people like zhang ninnin, a large cross-border criminal group engaged in gambling, with a clear staff and permanent members, has gradually formed.

The bureauted that as of jules 2020, suncity had 199 agents at the level of shareholders, more thanw 12,000 game development agents and more thank 80,000 customers in continental china. The case was associated with the "a huge amount of money and seriously influenced the social order in our country," he added and called for chau to surrender as soon as possible to achieve condescension.

Inside asian gaming contacted mr. Chow, which at this stage did not give any comments. However, suncity has published a statement in which it says:

"Sun city gaming promotion company limited is currently engaged in relevant issues. The company hereby emphasizeses that all enterprises usually work in accordance with the government of the special administrative district of macau ".

Iag contacted a number of concessionaires who informally reported that business in the bars suncity continued in the usual mode overnight.

Source: inside asian gaming

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