Champions And Ice Shows: Adelina Sotnikova Will Perform A Major Role In Plushenko

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May 2, 2022
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Only successfully risked new year’s ice show averbukh and navka, as information about the upcoming productions. The famous figure skater evgeny plushenko announced the premiere of the play, which the audience will see only a year later. Read more in material.

Champions and Ice Shows: Adelina Sotnikova Will Perform a Major Role in Plushenko

Olympic champions in ice show – old / new trend

Regarding the participation of famous existing athletes in ice show, a whole discussion arose in the fan of figure skating community. Part of the fans of this sport believees that the athletes simply spend their time and strength on primitive shows in which their potential and tolly their potential.

Indition, in their opinion, entertinment of the new year format – unintended in comparison with real competitions, where there is a struggle, complex elements and excitement for the result. And the fact that the olympic champion, instead of realizing its potential at competitive ice, is changed in strange outfits and «one and a half hours traveling under the light of sofit», it sems wrong to them.

But such a statement, firstly, quite subjective. Many fans simply just see their object of worship. Secondly, it is also very selfish. The show allows athletes to earn good money without exposing their health essential tests and the body – loads. Indeed, both shows involving alina zagito «sleeping beauty» and evgenia medvedeva in «wizard oz» did not require complex elements from them, but, as the media reported, the brought good earnings.

On the speech of alina zagitova in the show we wield in more detail in a special article.

But this trend is not new. Other olympic champions regularly participated in the ice show, including the current show shows in the face of navka, averbukh or plushenko. The last, by the way, has already announced the upcoming new year’s show shich the audience will see only in december 2020 – january 2021. He reported this on his page in instagram.

Staging will be devuted to the old fairy tale «snow maiden», and the main role in it is another olympic champion, adelina sotnikova.

Interestingly, the wife of yevgeny plushenko, the famous producer jan rudkovskaya, accused ilya averbuch in the illegal use of the musical composition. More about the conflict, we we wrote in a separate material.

Earlier we talked about the birthday of the daughter of the famous coach, eter tutberidze.

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