Chances Of Kokorina And Mamaeva Back To The Purchaa: Example Of Streltsova And Sevidov

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February 21, 2022
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By the decision of the presnensky court alexander kokorin and pavel mamaev received real prison terms – a year and a half and a year and 5 months, respectively. Will footballs be able to return to a big sport after the conclusion and whether it turned out someone else, we will try to understand.

CHANCES OF KOKORINA AND MAMAEVA Back to the Purchaa: Example of Streltsova and Sevidov
Content: 1. Eduard streltsov – «torpedo» accepted back2. Yuri sevidov – back the path was not 3. And what about kokorin and mamaev

Eduard streltsov – «torpedo» accepted back

One of the best soviet strikers, the gold medalist of the olympic games of 1956, eduard streltsov was convicted on charges of rape in 1958 (we will not stop at the fairness of punishment or contradictory items of the charges). According to the football player guilty and condemned it for 12 years in prison with a ban on football activity. Fortunately for an athlete, he was not destined to spend the entire term behind bars, and he was released conditionally after five years.

But the prison could not not affect the health of a professional athlete. In addition, during this time he seriously sick, he was beaten and survived the attempt, after which he sport four monhs on a hospital bed. But eduard’s football did not quit, and first after liberation he played in the amateur team of the likhachev plant and after removing the ban on classes, football returned to his native «torpedo». It happened two years after release. In the same season, he won with the native team championship of russia. Soon renewed its speeches of streltsov and for the national team.

Imprisonment seriously sweared the health of the football player. Forward continued to score goals, but it was clear that he was no longer such as before, there was no former energy in it. In this regard, it has undergone changes and its position on the field: he retrained from the striker to the midfielder, which more often playing the match.

We advise you to read the history of the kiev player «dynamo» times of lobanovsky, whose way is also full of tragic attacks and falls. The story is worthy of a separate film: football, mafia, prison and full helplessness. More details – in separate material.

Yuri sevidov – back the way was not

To the tragic accident yuri sevidov played for «spartacus» 146 matches that distinguished himself 71 naked. On average about one goal in every second match, which is a good result. But one mistake crossed his career. In 1965, he was shot down by a man who turned out to be academician of ryabchikov.

Formally, the scientist died not as a result of an accident, but because of the employee-student error in the hospital, but the football player was eventually sentenced to 10 years in prison. Sexide yuri less than half of the term and went out of amnesty in four years. However, unlike «torpedo» streltsova, «spartacus» i did not want to return to the defendant player. We can say that at the accident career of a talented forward and ended.

After liberation, he played a little. Several seasons spent in «kairat», donetsk «miner», lviv «carpathians», but the former performance has not yet shown. At the end of the career i tried myself in coaching, but most famous as a commentator and sports journalist.

And what about kokorin and mamaev

The court sentenced kokorina football players and mamaeva to one and a half years and year and five months, respectively, in conclusion. At the same time, the time the senent in anticipation of the sentence, they will begin as a deadline. It turns out that alexander remains in conclusion about 7.5 monhs, and paul – a month less.

But what do the expect to return? Much of course will depend on the health of the health and sports form of the players. It is known that athletes are trying to maintain it in conclusion, butt, for example, the information was received that the cocker had an exacerbation due to the old knee injury.

Buther the clubs will be interested in them? Main coach «zenita», sergey semak, who the ther day he wo won the championship in rfpl (kokorin also became a champion), admitted that he would like alexander to return to the team. The interest and support of the club player felt during the entire trial. Dr. Fc, and did not dissuade the contract to the football man and the contract was not terminated.

Otherwise the case is with paul. As media reports, «krasnodar», for which the midfielder was performed, a contract with him. According to the transfermarkt portal, from july 1, mamaev will be in the status of a free agent. However, according to the ex-coach of the russian national team, alexander borodyuk, many clubs are interested in services of convicted football players, so if health allows, with football, the are unlikely to finish, that’s just what roles and in what form they will – time will show.

Details about the reasons because of were cocker and mamaev were condemned, you can revie in a special review.

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