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September 28, 2022
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Montana state rule, limiting sports rates only by enterprises that have licensed alcoholic beverages within the state, was canceled.

Judge of the district court of lewis county and clark katie sili noted that this rule did not fit the intentions of legislators when they were allowed to bet on sports.

Governor montana steve bullock signed a law on sports rates in early may 2019, as a result of which montana became the ninth state of the united states, legalizing rates. Government officials hoped to launch the market for the nfl season of 2019, but the law entered into force only in march 2020

Montana – the first state offering sports bets exclusively through lottery stores. From the moment of its legalization, the sport rate in montana brought more than half a million dollars of income (531,000 dollars) approximately 250 enterprises.

The state government decided to use the funds received from the rates on scholarships to graduates of montana secondary schools attending state or tribal colleges of the state, and in the general state budget.

The initiator of the revision of the rules was lindon shevek, the founder of the areret group llc, he said:

"This is a victory for montana, when it comes to communities and prevents the monopolies to use montana residents and their business in their own interests.

Shevek also informed about his own intention to create a business that will offer rates for the sport, and this ruling will give him more freedom of action.

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