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April 15, 2022
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The victory in a fight with a french professional jean-noel torela brought chin wei lima not only the first in the career of the wsope champion bracelet, but also solid prizes – €2 172 104.

Chin Wei Lim won one of the largest victories on the WSOPE

Successful percer speech took place within the diamond high roller tournament. Participation in the competition was accepted by 34 players, while creating one of the largest prize funds of the current series.

Lima managed to become a hero of the day, despite tough competition from such star pixers, like phil ivi, danny tang and christoph fogelsang.

Following the final table, the pursuit of phil ivi for the eleventh champion bracelet was not crowned with success. All wine upscale game fogelsang.

Danny tang in the current year began to regularly take part in high rates, but the experience did not help him as a result – seventh place. Matias eibiger, the creator of pokercode contributed to the player.

As the number of poices decreases at the table, it became more interesting. Professional player from russia anatoly filatov, who left shemion ole overboard.

Lym for a long time he sat with a rather poor stack, but christopa fogelsang’s mistake allowed him to significantly move in the standings, taking an intermediate second place.

Diamond High Roller

After the departure of eibingor, the stack of fogelsang began to melting in front of his eyes until the future winner exhausted him completely.

Despite the saturated and lucky day for the russian player, to the final filatov, it was not possible to get. As a consolation prize – third place in the overall standings and €907 301. Reliced ​​to the russian teler.

Nevertheless, no matter how hard a trouser tried, to replay lima him still failed. It is significant that this is not the first «bronze» for torlay for the last few days. Previously, he became the second in the hendon mob tournament.

Results of the final table of the diamond high roller tournament:

  1. Chin wei lim (malaysia), €2 172 104.
  2. Jean-noel torel (france), €1 342 459.
  3. Anatoly filatov (russia), €907 301.
  4. Christoph fogelsang (germany), €633 336.
  5. Matthias aiberger (austria), €457 107.
  6. Ola shemion (germany), €341 510.
  7. Danny tang (hong kong), €264 440.
  8. Phil ivey (usa), €212 504.

Recall that the ukrainian professional poker player renat bogdanov conquered the starting tournament of the wsope series.

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