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April 18, 2022
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In the prc will introduce restrictions for gamers that have not reached majority. The information was made public by the public administration of the press and publications (sapp). New requirements are characterized by rigor.

China Introduces A Restriction for Minor Players

The emphasis was made in four directions: complicating the process of identifying users for minors, establishing spending limits for minors, establishing spending limits for in-game purchases to clarify healthy leisure activities.

Innovations suggest that the player registration is carried out only under the real name, which is conducted on the database of residents of china. The resource also allows you to establish the real age of the register. China plans to improve the existing database, thereby making it possible to deceive the system by providing an incaccurate identification number.

At the moment, china’s minor gamers can carry out about three hours a day for computer games. According to the new rules, the time of the gaming session will be reduced to one and a half hours. To spend three hours behind the game gamers can only on holidays. Indition, time limit is provided – young chinese will be prohibited to play computer games at night from 22:00 to 8:00.

Users Under 8 Years Old Will Not Be Able to Spend Personal Funds for Games

Users under 8 years old will not be able to spend personal funds for games. And gamers aged 8 to 16 years are limited to a limit of 200 yuan (about ₽1800) monthly and 50 yuan within one transaction. Users of the age category from 16 to 18 years old may acquire in-game products in the amount of 400 yuan per month.

In addition, if the game assumes the presence of age cencing, chinese gamers under the specified age simply will not be able to run it.

Game developers undertake to cooperate with parents and educational institutions in matters of explaining healthy leisure activities.

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