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February 4, 2022
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25–february 27, 2019 in the chinese import and export exhibition complex with the assistance of guandong grandeur international exhibition group held the seventh chinese international exhibition of vending machines and self-service equipment – china vmf 2019.

China VMF 2019 broke attendance records
Content: 1. Visitor geography2. Technologies and themes3. Live events and activity4. Attention to the launch of new products5. Results

According to the press service of the organizer, this year the event set a record for the number of new exhibitors – about 100 newcomers.

Moreover, the buyer’s individualization strategy and the double efforts of promotion abroad gave their fruits: according to the results of the survey, 87% of the exhibition participants expressed a desire to return next year.

It is also noted that the number of foreign brands has increased by 150%. At the same time, 94% of the exhibitors brought their business to a new level, 82% – received new products.

Geography of visitors

China vmf 2019 accepted both foreign and chinese companies. Exhibitors were distributed by sectors in this way:

  • 46% – vending machines and self-service equipment;
  • 23% – new retail;
  • 13% – payment solutions;
  • 10% – smart equipment;
  • 8% – cold chain and logistics.

The organizers noted that most buyers amounted to operators, financial and leasing companies (47%). 23% accounted for importers, exporters, agents, distributors, retailers. About 8% amounted to manufacturers of vending machines, developers, designers. More than 10% – manufacturers of small goods, beverages and food.

Most visitors from the prc came from the south (48%), from east (24%) and central china (16%). Western and north accounted for 7% and 5%, respectively.

As for foreign visitors, 49.4% of profits from asia, 23.7% – from europe, 9% – from america, 8.4% – from oceania, 5.5% – from the middle east.

Geography of visitors

Technology and themes

As part of the event, technology of non-cash payments was demonstrated, as well as its influence on the trade sector.

Kkit, one of the leading chinese manufacturers of vending machines, introduced a payment system with the recognition of alipay’s individuals to his last model, thanks to which the client’s face will be literally his mobile wallet.

In an attempt to keep up with alipay, one of the largest payment decision providers in china – china union pay also released his own payment decision on his website whoducnition of persons whoduced furorore on the show.

Manufacturers also demonstrated that due to the lack of need to store cash machines now occupy less and less place. For example, aibuy24h debuted with the fourth generation of a smart mini-machine with ice cream, the dimensions of which were so small that he took only 0.35 m2 of the area. The unit received a special success in the women’s part of the audience.

Live events and activity

Seventh summit of the asia-pacific trade industry – one of the most important assembly of industry in china, whose coordinators spoke by the organizing committee of the asia-pacific trade industry (apva). Event consisted of two parallel forums: one – about trade in general, second – about new retail. 30 speakers from seven countries (china, japan, spain, australia, poland, south africa and belgium) shared with the audience of knowledge abynological breakthroughs and trends. It was an open event, during which visitors had the opportunity to listen to their topics.

Some speakers:

  1. Alexander washing, polish trading association.
  2. Max hörvitz, chairman of the south africa trade association (vasa).
  3. Erwin old committee, director general of the european trade association and coffee service.
  4. Darren yang, vice president of the australian trade association (ava).
  5. Franzesc gyel isior, secretary general of the spanish trade association (anela).
  6. Fuii kitasato, president tkb.
  7. Kyoyaki takeda, president of the japanese association of vending machines.

Live Events and Activity

Attention to the launch of new products

To attract more attention to the products and brands of exhibitors, china vmf organized a special event for the exhibitors on which the submitted their latest offers to the wide audience of intereted buyers and potential business partners.

Most of the solutions presented are equipped with iot technologies (internet of things) or artificial intelligence. Some delegates even shared information about the latest trends in the retail sector.

The list of companies that conducted a presentation entered hongdian, youmi, eshouyun, easytouch, light&magic, easytouch, hahalaningshou, orbbec, 24buff, ugohous, jian24, yitunnel, linchenzhanhua, freego and others.


According to companies that implement their products at the event, popular products on the show steel vending machines with homemade t-shirts, lottery machine with a prize of 1 yuan and machine guns with small gifts. Meuguo sold more than 300 units within threee days.

Buyers also impressed the microdnok robots.

«They said our decision – to date, one of the most mature in the autonomous retail industry. Many foreign buyers interested perspective to become our agents, and many manufacturers wanted to discuss with us technological licensing issues», – told the representative of bangmart.

Recall: the process of racing on the island of hainan suspended development due to the position of the authorities.

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