Closed Internet In Russia Will Still Appear?

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January 28, 2022
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From july 1, the center for general’s communications monitoring and management center will begin to work in russia. Representatives of the office of the cabinet of ministers said that the prime minister dmitry medvedev had already siged the appropriate decision.

Closed Internet in Russia Still Will Appear?

The work of the center will be regulated by roskomnadzor. The purpose of creating a new organ – ensuring the safety of runet and prevent the leakage of personal data of users abroad. According to experts, additional attraction of funds from sources of financing will not need.

Such a measure will allow the russian governments for the state border of internet truffic through the state border, as a a result of which russian telecom operators annually lose about 375 million rubles each year.

Previously, experts explained in detail how the new runet protection act will work

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