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January 6, 2022
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Soccer game «wings of soviets» – «rostov» it turned out very emotitional and included four removal. One of the violators was the coach of guests valery karpin. Kdk decided to punish a specialist for the impetus.


Photo source: eurosport.Ru

The last tour of the highest division of the russian football championship in front of the winter break presented many surprises. For example, the leader of the table – «zenith» – lit in his field «rubbing», «krasnodar» painted a draw s «ufo», and in samara «wings of soviets» beat in a dramanatic match «rostov».

At the end of the lastly mentioned duel, an incident occurred for which a mentor «rostov» removed from the field. Today, information from the head of the control and disciplinary committee arthur grigoryan is about the fact that during the disputes the carpin pushed the judge. For the deliberate impetus and the exit for the technical zone of the coach «rostov» disqualified for six matches. Punishment can last twice as smaller, as three of them are conditional. In addition, the mentor is obliged to pay a fine of 80 thousand rubles.

The head of the cdc also noted that in the actions of valery carpin was not aggression, he did not use obscene expressions, he did not insult judges, but excessive expressiveness and physical contact were present.

Press conference valery carpina after the match with «wings of the soviets»

At a press conference after the match coach «rostov» explained that the judge is guilty that the match turned out by crowded emotions, since he lost the game. Also karpin said that he did not understand why he was removed, and called the referee «untouchable».

After lesion in samara «rostov» takes the 7th place in the championship, yielding to the above «rubbing» 1 point, and leader of the russian federation, «zenit» – 10 points. The next round of the russian championship will be held in the spring of march 3.

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