Coach “Spartak” Tedesko Again Received The “Mustard”: He Is Not Afraid Of Anything And Happy From Victory

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April 19, 2022
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«Spartacus» wins increasingly experimenting with the composition and showing the spectacular game. Recently, the center of attention is the head coach «spartak» tedesco, which is too emotional during matches and brave on post-match press conferences.

Coach'Spartak' Tedesko again received the 'mustard': he is not afraid of anything and happy from victory

Trainer «spartak» domenico tedesco is too emotional for rpl

Tedesco is simultaneously perceed as a hero and as an instigator. He significantly improved the situation in the moscow team, did not have time to spend ten matches at the helm. But his behavior sems to the judges too emotional. Italian-german jumps on the field, shouts at the referee and gets «mustard pieces» almost in every game.

On november 9, the 16th round of the rpl between «spartak» and «wings of the soviets». The game was held at the muscovites home stadium and crowned for them victory – first for a long time on your own arena.

???? Behind the scene of the match # spartakkryl

⚽ three goals scored «spartak»
❌ one canceled
???? Two removal from the opponent
???? Penalty

«behind the scenes» match has many emotions. Do not miss them in our new plot!Https: // t.Co / txi60xwayl # spartak # zarantrome # syliling pic.Twitter.Com / 5kaxazbfdc

— fc spartak moscow (@fcsm_official)
november 11, 2019

In a separate material, we analyzed the winning game «spartak» against «rostov».

The match was remembered by two red cards for guest team players, as well as yellow for the field owners coach – domenico tedesco. This is already the third «mustard plaster» in the asset of german. Cauchi himselfted stated this for him the causes of such punishments are incomprehensible. In addition, according to him, if the bundesliga showed cards for such behavior, he would have missed a third of the matches in the season.

???? Domenico tedesco: «we are glad that finally won at home»

press conference of the head coach of red-white after the victory in the match # spartakkrylyla: https: // t.Co / mc0tewwo5f # spartakkryl

— fc spartak moscow (@fcsm_official)
november 9, 2019

At the post-match conference, many journalists asked couch about the risk to skip the match with «zenit», which will take place through one tour. What tedesko replied that nothing was afraid, and emotions – an important part of football.

The coach was expressed and about the visit of leonid fedun in the team locker room. Domenico did not tell the details and insides of this meeting, but noted that the president of the club was pleased.

In a separate material, we told about the desire of fedun to convey the management of the moscow club fans.

Eventually «spartacus» won with a score of 2: 0, scoring on the 3rd and 83 minutes. The last goal was clogged with a penalty after the player’s violation «wings of the soviets» maxim karpov. He got a red card ten minutes after his colleague srdjan miyailovich was removed.

???? Domenico tedesco: «big teams should be able to cope with "buses"»

the head coach of krasno-white answered questions of journalists and fans on the eve of the match of the 16th round of @rfpl # spartakkreyvilovolovetov: https: // t.Co / cmtswo19sh # tedesko # spartak # shouting

— fc spartak moscow (@fcsm_official)

november 8, 2019

Previously, we wrote about the relationship of fans with tedesko, as well as experiments with gamecam schemes.

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