Coast Guard Saved Klitschko’S Life And His Family

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March 10, 2022
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While the whole world exists whether vladimir klitschko will return to the box, the athlete supports the form and is engaged in various sports. During the practice in the next sports hobby, the ukrainian together with his family fell into a life-threatening situation.

Coast Guard saved Klitschko's life and his family
Content: 1. Prospects for klitschko ring2. Ukrainian supports shape: mainly on the water

Klitschko ring prospects for ring

Around the 43-year-old athlete is actively discussing about the return of ukrainian in boxing. In april, vladimir stated that he was leaning such rumors, and added phrase «never say never». Simply put, he did not say «no», n «yes». Many of this were perceived as a hint of returning klitschko in a large boxing.

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In parallel with this, everyone had an earnings of the dazn braming platform, which offered ukrainian to 40 million dollars and the percentage of the sale of broadcasts for returning to the ring and holds at least three battles: with tyson fury, anthony joshua and some more boxer of top ten.

⚡️best boxing ringwalk ever?⚡️
[email protected] – can’t stop ????

What would be your ringwalk tune❓ # boxing pic.Twitter.Com / wyw5plzc13

— the boxing feed (@theboxingfeed)
june 6, 2019.

There is such a theory: klitschko junior will return to the ring to beat george forman’s record. The fact is that the american has become a world champion in 45 years and at the same time the highest owner of the title. To surpass this achievement, vladimir must wait when he is at least 45 years old and nine months.

Ukrainian supports shape: mainly on the water

Meanwhile, vladimir himself, all rumors of return denies, however, is in excellent form. Athlete is famous for its various sports hobbies. One of them almost deprived the seven of the ukrainian life.

Finally found some water to ride waves without @thecannonbriggs spoiling my fun. Guess he “let me go champ” #xpark #gility #keeplearning #coordination pic.Twitter.Com / bdzkckciuk

— klitschko (@klitschko)
june 17, 2019.

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Klitschko, together with his family, resedd in mallorca, but today, on june 25, it became known about the incident: an athlete with relatives stoyed on the yacht at the moment she caught fire. Spanish coast guard saved them, after which the boxer himself wrote in his «twitter» that the cause was his desire for adrenaline and urged everyone to be attentive. Apparently, the habit of getting adrenaline during the prodfessional career is not going anywhere, only now the ex-champion is doing even more dangerous ways.

Be careful what you wish for: fate took my wish for “some #adrenalin” a bit tooo literally and our boat-trip sunday night ended up in our boat migniting and family & friends being evacuated by coast guard and fire rescue-team. No worries: we are all fine! #theroofisonfire #song???? Pic.Twitter.Com / sgn7xfg5jm

— klitschko (@klitschko)
june 25, 2019.

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