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March 29, 2022
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Colombia Casino Will Probably BE Closed Until The End Of January

The government of colombia introduced sevel strict insulation measures in the regions across the country in response to a growing number of coronavirus infection (covid-19). Restrictions mean that the ground gaming industry of colombia will remain closed throughout the country.

Casino and gaming halls across the country remained closed for most of 2020 from march, and later they were alloded to reveal again under the condition of aproval of local authorities.

Medellin became the first city in september after lowering the level of danger from orange to yellow due to the low mortality rate from infection and the lower death per capita deaths than in other municipalities.

The local authorities were granted the right to resolve the opening subject to the security protocols of the ministry of health of colombia, including the use of physical barriers between slot machines, ban on the sale of food and alcoholic beverages and regular disinfection of automata.

December 31 the government began to re-introduce insulation measures, including a ban on selling alcohol and restrictions on meeting in public places in the capital of bogota.

From january 5 to january limitation of all activities from 20:00 to 5:00 am, the sale of alcohol was banned on weekends, and only one person from each family was allowed to leave the house to purchase essential items.

It is expected that in the bogota and other regions will be wasolation measures at least until january 28, while only a strictly limited set of events is allowed. Some regions, such as santa martha, expect that restrictions on the curfew will continue at least until march 1.

In some areas, allowed activities depends on the last digit number of the id card number of each citizen. In order to divide the population, only those whose number on document ends with a certin number, can leave the house to perform tasks on certiain day of the week.

For example, from january 8 to january 16, the residents of the region of santander could only leave the house on monday cards ended on 5 or 6, and 6, and other members of the population were allowed to do on other days of the week.

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