Coltaca Midfielder Ayaz Guliyev Beat A Us Citizen (Video)

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February 11, 2022
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April 11 midfielder «spartak» ayaz guliyev was in the center of the road conflict. As a result, an athlete beat a us citizen.


The incident occurred at 10:30 on the street krasnoprudna. Ayaz guliyev moved to «mercedes» and did not stop the red signal of the traffic light. Football player taped a man who turned the road to the green light. Eyewitneses told that guliyev immediately left the car and began shouting on the victim. He trid to go away, but the football player detained him. Between them began to sweat and then – fight.

As a result, guliyev inflicted a man injury – he turned out to be broken nose. Eyewitneses caused police and ambulance. The victim from hospitalization refused. The us citizen michael kou john eli turned out to be broken. He was taken to the police station together with the brawl.

However, the conflict was settled. Guliyev offered the victim financial compensation and also agreed to pay all the costs associated with the campaign to doctors. Us citizen wrote a statement that there is no complaints about the atlete.

Meanwhile, on the telegram channel baza, a video from the scene appeared.

This is not the first violation of guliyev. He acquired his car at the end of 2018. During this period, there are already more than 200 violations behind it, most of which are associated with exceeding speed.

Earlier it became known that the arrest of kokorina football players and mamaeva extended until september 2019.

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