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January 18, 2022
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Compared to others, this type of bones is young. It is not for sure that the rules of the Gosk came to mind. It is only known that the first table entertainment copies appeared on sale in 1982. Since then, many variations have emerged using different combinations and victory conditions. But the basic principles of the game are the same.

Game description and goals

In the batch of the probe participates from two people. The main task of opponents – a set of glasses by throwing cubes. Depending on the format, the winner becomes the one who first reached a certain mark on the number of points, or the owner of the greatest account.

Discipline often appears in mass culture. Great popularity to her computer game Kingdom Come.

To get glasses, you need to collect combinations. The combinations of numbers give a different number of points, but also the probabilities of their loss are different. Results depend on good luck, but the ability to take the right decision, to stop or risks greatly increases the chances of winning.

Which inventory is included in the set

It is enough to have 6 bones, paper and pencil. The table is drawn on the table where the party participants are noted, their account and collected combinations.

Game set

If you buy a set, the special field is additionally provided, which puts on the table for cubes. Included a table of accounts with washed inscriptions or stack of blanks to summarize.

Basic rules of the game

Opponents negotiate about the number of glasses for winning victory. It is 5000 or 10,000 points. The party itself starts:

  • Round begins with a shot by the participant of all bones.
  • It is necessary to make up a combination cubes. The remaining can be used again.
  • The player can continue his turn until the prok (no possible combinations) will fall out, or stop, if you get 300 points.
  • If the remaining bones do not give combinations, the points of the person scored for the move are burning. After three such situations from the account, 500 or 1000 are written off.
  • When the result for the round will be saved, the move goes to the next participant.
  • When one of the opponents is gaining a victorious number of points, other players can make a throw to achieve a better result.

With each move, the risk of the imposition of the pricing increases. With six bones, it is 8.78%, at two – 44.44%.

Appendix Prok

The winner of the party takes the bank if the participants did rates.

All possible combinations

Each combination that dropped as a result of a throw brings a certain amount of points. The more difficult, the more the player gets:

Title-specificity Pallement Ballolation

Units One or two dice with a parity 1 100 for the repetition
Five No more than 2 cubes with value 5 50 for the repetition
3 units Three dice with the same meaning 1 000 30.86%
3 Double 200
3 Troika 300
3 four 400
3 five 500
3 Six 600
Fourth Cubes 4 identical 2 times more triple 4.82%
Three pairs Two bones of one nominal, two – the other, two – the third 750 3.85%
Six different Different cubes from 1 to 6 1 500 1.54%

Combinations and rules of the game in the prok differ if there are five instead of six bones. When they all develop in combination, the user can make a bonus cast of cubes to get extra points. But in case of failure, the current account burns. Sometimes it is worth stopping and keep progress, and not risk them.

Popular questions players

Is it difficult to learn the rules?

The main principles of this type of bones can be mastered in a few hours. Sufficient to learn the order of the stroke, the list of combinations and the number of points led by them.

How many combinations exists in the game?

There are 11 basic options, but they can combine, giving an increased amount of points.

Where can I play the prok online?

The opportunity is offered by many online casinos. Opponents here are another user or computer. There are many third-party applications, but most of the cash rates cannot be done.

What casino give bonuses during registration?

Almost every gamble can make money and free spins after the first deposit. Some encourage users for creating an account. You can use bonuses in the zone, but playing in this format goes slower than in slots.

Where to get a profitable promotion for bonuses?

On this site there are separate pages with lists of existing shares and instructions for their activation.

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