Comtrade Gaming Announces First Transaction On Us Platform With G3 Esports

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June 24, 2022
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ComTrade Gaming Announces First Transaction ON US Platform WITH G3 Esports

Comtrade gaming, a leading technology provider for online games, announced partnership with g3 esports, which is their first exit in the us with a platform for. In the framework of the transaction, the framework of the g3 esports platform igaming from comtrade – icore and internal technology for the upcoming g3-oriented rates product.

"When choosing partners for our future platform, esports was critical to finding organizationss that understand what is required for safe and responsible work requirements," said anthony gaoud, ceo g3 esports. "Comtrade’s experience in the online game industry has no equal, and we are very happy to work with them to create a first-caster for betting for cyberport".

Comtrade gaming offers technology-oriented technological solutions. Icore is one of the leading game platforms already used by the world’s largest game companies. Exit to the the us market – important milestone for comtrade gaming. After launching a new g3 betting platform will use corporate-level comtrade services, such as player accounts, real-time bonuses, dynamic segmentation, real-time push messages and many other players interaction tools.

"We are very happy to work with g3 esports and provide their game platform," said stephen valentine, commercial director comtrade gaming. "It is very rare to find something really new and unique in the field of gambling, but proprietary cybersport content, which creates g3, combined with how it will interact with the players, opens up absolutely new horizons. The collected the team of leading experts in many areas, and we are very proud that this is our first partner platform in the usa. In comtrade, we specialize in the technologies of game platforms for leading operators, where the retention of players and life value are key. This allows our operators to focus their efforts on marketing, knowing that all their internal technology will take care of.

G3 esports was founded by anthony goud, awarded ammi award by an entrepreneur and a media manager with 25 years of experience with leading entertainment, game and technological companies, and jim hammerstedt, a private investment manager with capital involvement for technological companies. . Professional history of gaduda marked by significant partner relations with the walt disney company, nbc / comcast, microsoft games, hasbro and nexon south korea.

Source: official site comtrade gaming

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