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July 1, 2022
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Connie James Appointed Financial Director Scientific Games

Scribing scientific games corporation appointed connie james by the executive vice president and corporate secretary. The current financial director of the company mike eklund will continue to fulfill his duties util october 15, 2021, when it takes james.

Previously, james held the position of financial director of gaming business scientfic games.

"From the moment of joining scientific games, connie helped guide the game business through unprecedented failures caused by covid-19, and played a crucial role in our strategic review and development of our vision to become a leading cross-platform global game company," said scientific games. President and ceo barry cottle. "As we promote our content-oriented strategy, we are confident that connie will be the leader who will take on the brazda of the board to help us implement our vision and improve the long-term shareholder value".

Connie james worked in the gaming industry for almost two decades, and before coming to scientific games, she held the position of corporate vice president of finance, business transactions and supply chain in cargill. Prior to that, she held various senior positions in aristocrat leisure limited, including the financial director of global terrestrial games, as well as the financial director of north and south america and business operations.

"Mike played an important role in creating a better financial organization with a large number of talents and helped to achieve a significant and consistent improvent in our financial results," continued cott. "On behalf of the board of directors and the business team, i wish the best in his future endeavors".

Speaking of his appointment, james said:

"Scientific games is a company with great potential, since we implement our strategy to reduce balance levers, invest in growth in the future and open value for our stakeholders. I am glad to close cooperation. Together with barry and the rest of our team, since we benefit from high growth opportunities available to us in the coming years. ".

Source: gaming america

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