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August 3, 2022
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Sports life of mcgregor’s convicts reminds hollywood success story. As an ordinary irish guy, who started a plumbing career, in less than 10 years old became the most famous and rich mma fighter – in detail in the material. Read also fresh news bookmakers about sports.

Content: 1. Childhood and youth2. Sports career3. Achievement and records of the conoram mcgregor44. Personal life5. Scandals and curious moments6. Conor mcgregor: latest fights

Childhood and youth

History of constor anthony mcgregor began in irish dublin on july 14, 1988. Already in childhood, the boy was interested in sports – only it was football. At the young age of conor, like many children, was passionate about football, played for the team «luders selfik» and supported «manchester united». Having matured, the young man became more likely to be in the epicenter of the various street fights, and at 11 years old firmly decided to visit the boxing hall of the famous legend of philip satcliffe.

Gradually, mcgregor began to devote himself to martial arts, and one day in one british interview noted that football – sports for girls. At 15, the young man moved with his family to lucan, where he began to train with his friend and the future fighter ufc tom igan. Having completed training in high school, and also worked out the year by plumbing, conor realized that he did not want to work so much and puts the main goal in life – get fame in mma.

The first mentor of the future champion became john kavan, who trained a young fighter about ten years. Mom played a big role in the life of the convict, who motivated the athlete did not fall into depression and continue to train. And the coach taught the guy not to be lost to lose, but to rise and go on.

Sports career

Macgregor’s career in mma began with light weight with 175 cm growth and weight about 66 kg. In the first serious confrontation, which took place in 2007 at the ring of truth 6 tournament, konor for the first 5 minutes knocked siriana cambell and won. A year later, at the cage of truth championship, young irishman defeated gary morris, and at the cage rage tournament – mo taylor, including pure knockout defeated paddy doherty and mike wood.

Sports Career

Among the first battles of the conior were both victorious meetings and losses. In 2008, the convoi struck artemy sitenkov, and two years later – joseph duffy. The main problems were associated with finance, so the conor has worked for some time by a plumbing, and then after viewing the ultimate fighting championship 2009, he again decided to recover and continued his workout.

In 2012, mcgregor switched to a hemlessly weight and for two fights became the cage warriors leader. After that, the athlete returned to the title of champion from ivan buchinger, while having occupied the championship in two categories.

The ufc management was inspired by a promising fighter and offered a conir to conclude a professional contract. The first opponent of the fighter became marcus brimege as part of ufc on fuel tv. Brimege failed to defeat from accurate and technical blows of irish.

Next opponent – max holloway, whom mcgregor also defeated, but damaged the front cruciform ligament, because of which was forced to skip battle for 10 months. After restoring the athlete met with diego brando and defeated him in the first round with technical knockout on ufc fight night 46.

Interesting facts

  • Most of the irishman loves to go to the ring under the musical composition the foggy dew from the artist sinead o’connor & the chieftains
  • In 2017, documentary films came out on television screens «conor mcgregor: sad famous». The scenario is based on personal moments from the life of a fighter and key events from professional career

Next, a number of victories followed and calling for a battle from jose aldo, at the time of the operating ufc champion in a featherweight weight. However, jose because of the rib fracture never managed to meet with irish. The opponent of mcgregor became the two-time champion ncaa chad mendez, but luck was on the side of the convolation, after which the fighter was awarded the status of a temporary champion in a featherweight weight.

For the first time, irishman lost in the framework of ufc nate dias in february 2016. But in the revenge match, the athlete showed his character and defeated diaz, showing all its capabilities. And in the fall of the 2016th construction, the title of ufc champion in lightweight was pressed: the american could not resist the irish energetic fighter. Then the russian fighter habib nurmagomedov expressed his desire to measure forces with mcgregor. A little later, the owner of a multitude of floyd maweser titles also wanted to fight with a conference.

The duel with maevezer, who passed on august 26, 2017 in las vegas, became the main event of the year in the world of mma. Despite the loud threats from the irish, maeweser knocked out impulsive mcgregor, won in the confrontation of the century.

On october 7, 2018, a meeting of the year between corolon and habib, which ended with the triumph of the russian athlete after a suffocating reception in the fourth round.

Achievement and records of the conor of mcgregor

Achievement and records of the Conor of McGregor


  • Temporary champion ufc afteited weight
  • Ufc champion half easier
  • Ufc champion in lightweight weight
  • Owner of two bonuses «fight evening»
  • Winner of seven bonuses «presentation of the evening»
  • First irishman who became the ufc champion
  • Third champion of two or more divisions in the history of ufc
  • The first simultaneous champion in two ufc divisions (half easier and light)
  • The author of the longest bonus series «presentation of the evening» in the history of ufc (5 fighting)
  • The author of the longest bonus series in the history of ufc (8 fighting)
  • The author of the rapid victory in the title duel ufc (13 seconds, in battle with jose aldo)

Cage warriors:

  • Cage warriors champion half easier
  • Cage warriors champion in lightweight weight

Recognized as the fighter of 2015 according to the famous espn portals, fox sports, mma fighting, as well as mma junkie, mma mania and sherdog.

Personal life


In 2018, mcgregor announced the creation of the irish whiskey proper twelve at the erie born spirits family factory. Share of revenue funds – $ 5 with a bottle – going to charity.

Personal side of the life of the mcgregor – calm and measured, which distinguishes it from aggressive and vivid behavior in the ring. Choams of athlete – di davlin. Their wedding took place in 2007, but the girl constantly believed in the coniron and maintained at any time. In the fall of 2016, the news has appeared that coper and di are waiting for a child was called jack.

In 2019, a family replenishment occurred – born daughter croya. And in may 2021, the son named rihan was born.

Scandals and curious moments

Conior is known not only by its achievements and triumphs, but also a spectacular appearance, which causes envy in men and delight among women. Brutal athlete prefers business costumes, salary beard and a variety of hairstyles. According to him, such a style helps to hide the scars on the face and flaws of the skin.

Scandals and Curious Moments

In the octave of the conan i campaign, invented promoter vince mcmain, – maximum direct back, relaxed hands and backpit.

Also at the newsmaker beyond the frames of sports grounds. He often appeared in fights with referee, guards. And the participants of the ufc championship 223, where habib nurmagomedov and ray borg were located.

In 2019, conor was seen in the next scandal, but not in sports. In one pub marble arch, dublin fighter hit the old man who refused to drink whiskey with him. Protection asked the star to leave the institution.

Conor mcgregor: latest fights

Earlier on july 11, threatened mcgregor, however, the fight stopped the doctor. Irish athlete broke his leg, stuck at the end of the first round. He will have an operation.

The fight became the third between the fighters. For the first time, mcgregor and rye collided in octave in 2014. Then the irish fighter knocked out the enemy in the first round. In january 2021, the american took a revenge, and mcgregor’s first time for the whole career lost to knockout.

How fast the irishman returns to full training – unknown. Experts believe that such injury – the worst way to complete a career, but predict that after treatment mcgregor will return to the game. Perhaps even will be revenge between the irish and right.

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