Conor Mcgregor – Serro: Forecast For Main Fight Ufc January 19, 2020

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May 2, 2022
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On january 19, the ufc 246 tournament will be held in las vegas, the main event of which will be the meeting of the irish conoras of mcgregor, with the american donald serrison. Announcement of the fight and chances of rivals in our material.

Conor McGregor - Serro: Forecast for Main Fight UFC January 19, 2020
Content: 1. Forecast for fight mcgregor – serro: chances for victory1.One. Mcgregor vs. Serro: prediction and bookmaker coefficients2. Bc coefficients «league rates»: 3. Bwin coefficients.Ru:
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Forecast for fight mcgregor – serro: chances of winning

Truly the main bad ufc returns to octave. Speech, of course, about konora mcgregor, a modern symbol of this organization. No matter how related to him, but one can not deny – irelander became the most recognizable figure of mma in the world. People unfamiliar with the world of mixed martial arts, almost one hundred percent warranty know «sad known». He looks with advertising posters in public transport or appears in the rollers on youtube. But whether the irishman will be able after the annual downtime and almost three years without victories to regain the glory of the fighter, not an advertising – here is the main question of the fight donald serrison – mcgregor.

Forecast cannot be unequivocal. On the one hand, conor honored champion of two weight categories. He fought with tops and mined bright victories, which in a bundle with his ability to arrange a show and made it to whom we know him. But on the other – no one probably knows what form it is now. Mcgregor himself in an interview confidently declares that the audience will see the best version of the fighter in history. This confirms his coach john cavana. That’s just what a mentor will talk about the ward in a derogatory tone? Of course, he will always be the best and ready for everything.

More about the chances of mcgregor and its current form we wrote in a special material.

But the opposition in this battle of mcgregor will not be out of simple. Donald serrison could not get the title of champion in his career, but sevel times was very close to him. At the same time, the american is famous for its efficiency and readiness to take a fight with any opponent. It is also worth noting the level of the fighter, because during the whole career he was in the top 5 light weights ufc.

Donald is known as a high-class drummer, a basic kickboxer, not once fighting opponents with his high school. But serrone is also good in the parter, although it rarely shows its skills in recent years. It may well become his key to success.

Serro has already been considered for a long time as a potential opponent of mcgregor, it all started in the spring of last year after colorful battle «cowboy». Read more in material.

Mcgregor vs. Serro: forecast and bookmaker coefficients

On the fight cowboy serro – conor mcgregor forecast from bookmakers next. Analysts believe that with a greater probability, the victory will win the irishman. Despite the fact that both athletes will meet in an unusual weight category (fast weight begged, although the conor sems to be a favorite.

First of all, due to its manner of fighting. Irishman is sharpened to the left left left, which regularly reaches its purpose. «Cowboy» loves to go into exchanges and it will be likely to skip the fast counterattacks of mcgregor, one of which will send an american to canvas.

Bc coefficients «league rates»:

  • Conor mcgregor – one.27;
  • Donald serrone – 2,95.

Bwin coefficients.Ru:

  • Conor mcgregor – one.3;
  • Donald serrone – 3.6.

Earlier we reported that the famous boxer tyson fury will come to mcgregor.

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