Conor Mcgregor Vs Cowboy Serro: Irishman Still Impressed By Meeting With Grandmother’S Rival

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May 3, 2022
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Conor mcgregor in the main duel ufc 246 defeated donald serrison, knocking out the opponent on the 40th second of the battle. After this victory, irishman exy respect and gratitude: the first thing the fighter hugged a defeated american, and after – his grandmother jerry.

Conor McGregor VS Cowboy Serro: Irishman still impressed by meeting with grandmother's rival

Conor mcgregor – donald cowboy serro: one of the figures of the ufc 246 has become a grandmother of an american fighter

Short, but the epic duel between the mcgregor conior and donald serrison ended the long-awaited for the irish victory. Not speaking more than a year in octave the fighter knocked out the opponent in 40 seconds.

It was hard to not pay attention to the behavior of mcgregor after triumph. Many noted the generosity in the action of the conorant, which, until recently, few people associated him.

In our special material, we told about the record earnings of the winner of the ufc 246 of the conorm of mcgregor, which amounted to $ 2 million per second.

After the victory, the irish fighter approached the opponent, hugged and kissed him in his forehead. Aftert that, groups of athletes support appeared in octave, among them and the grandmother of the cowboy – jerry serrone.

Conor hugged her and exchanged with her a few phrases. Later in the commentary irishman noticed that despite the defeat of her grandson, the woman came up and showed respect to the winner, he hurried to answer her the same.

Mcgregor also called jerry serroly phenomenal woman. The fighter impressed the fact that she sport on the arena all day and constantly accompanies the grandson to such events.

McGregor Also Called Jerry Serroly Phenomenal Woman

«What a man raised this lady. I was pleased to separate octave with donald», – said irendets. Recall that the american fighter brought up grandma with grandfather. In the documentary film about cowboy jerry serrison admitted that «pulled out» grandson with seven different prisons.

In our special article, we told about the radical position of the ufc president dana white regarding the revenge of mcgregor with nurmagomedov.

It is worth noting thatks to the victory over donald, conor mcgregor have every chance to get the desired revenge against habiba. Let’s see if the irishman will show «generosity» in the battle against the principal rival.

Earlier, we we wrote about the scandalous boy of surrone and mcgregor «ren tv», where the irish fighter was ridiculed and called.

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