Conorant In Russia Love: He Has Serious Patrons

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April 15, 2022
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The press conference of the conior macgreushev moscow made a lot of noise and caused fierce disputes about his personality, which even turned into a conflict. In addition, the arrival of irishman once again showed that he has serious patrons in russia.

Conorant in Russia love: he has serious patrons

Mcgregor gave putin whiskey, and now he had a dinner with his son of his press secretary

After the defeat of the convois from habiba, there was an opinion that now all russia loves nurmagomedov. Cause simple – work media. After the russian fighter won the main star ufc (at least the main media), all russian publications and tv channels began to say that now dagestan will take his place.

But this is not quite so, the irishman still remains popular in russia. And it visually showed his arrival in moscow. Many fans in the comments in sports forums showed bewilderment about the arrival of mcgregor, completely confident in the hatred of everyone to the notorious in the russian federation.

Read more about construction conference in our article.

But instead – hundreds of fans waited for his arrival, overlooking the car in the hope of an autograph or joint photo. In fact, the convior love. Yes, his statements regarding dagestanis, all of his trashtok are not approved, but it is not punished, but carefully «clap on the head», saying comments with some tolia of care.

Pic.Twitter.Com / jkpxgm12gv

— conor mcgregor (@thenotoriousmma)
october 25, 2019

All this, apparently, because mcgregor has serious patrons in russia. And it’s not only a whiskey’s whiskey presented to vladimir putin, who once again reminded irishman, no. There are more real facts. So, during his arrival, conor met with the son of the spokesman for the russian federation and cute talked. It is no secret that dimitri sands – rouger vladimir putin, who voiced the thougohts and decision of the president.

ALL This, Apparently, Because McGregor Has Serious Patrons in Russia

His son, nikolai peskov (until september 25, 2019 nikolai cholaz – according to openmedia, this year he replaced the schoochief schism on his father), on hp? Page in instagram announced a meeting with mcgregor. In the post it’s indicated that the world cup 2018, but he admired them before this meeting.

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Could not come to see the conference. Even before our acquaintance at the world cup final football championship, i watched his fight and admired success that he reached . While he did not encounter a habib, few people say that he did not hurt for him. After his statements about the dagestanians i was very important to convey to him that it was necessary to speak in russia . Tresh talk as in america – not a ride here. He is far from stupid, and everything understood . I think he will fix everything. Personally, i wish him further success and look forward to revenge !!!!! It was was good seeing you brother !!! Proper gizzaaaa ???????? @thenotoriousmma

Publication from nikolai peskov (@nd_peskov) 26 oct 2019 at 4:56 pdt

Apparently, the purpose of this meeting was not just friendly, but warning for the future. Since in the post of nicholas to instagram, a special emphasis was made on statement of the conoras about dagestanis: «i was very important to convey to him that it is necessary to express in russia carefully». Finished my story nikolay sadkov thought that, in his opinion, mcgregor understood everything and fix everything.

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@johntravolta at the @bravopremia very pleasant happy conversation ????

Publication from nikolai peskov (@nd_peskov) 21 mar 2019 at 1:37 pdt

About the conflict of mcgregoror with dagestanis and about restless nights in the moscow hotel we wrote in a separate material.

Earlier, we wd wrote about the visit of mcgregor’s coniron in kyiv.

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