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January 28, 2022
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Despite the prevalence of betting in europe – whether it rates on the jumps, a basketball match or the floor of the future royal sibling, – albania banned all types of gembling in the state.


As a result of the ban of 4000 points of receiving rates were forced to stop working. According to prime minister eddi rama, gembling not only earns huge amounts, but is also one of the ways of laundering money for organized crime. Indition, this is a social problem that causes irreparable damage to families.

Before the introduction of the ban, albanians sport around $ 170 million per year at rates. And this is in the country with 3 million inhabitants, the average salary of less than 100 per week.

On the other hand, the voyage of the bookmakers led to a massive loss of workplaces by locals. On the outskirts of the old part of tyrana, the owner of the former point of receiving rates said that his son was very upset because of the closing of the office, because now his father was left wathout work.

According to the prime minister, instead of betting men will spend more time at home with families. However, the local residents themselves have a somewhat different look at the current situation.

«Usualy i put 1-2 dollars. Since i have a family, i was forced to limit myself. Of course, this is a question of freedom, because at the end of the working day i have free time… and what i will do now with him? I have nowhere to go», – said former betor, employee of a gas station.

Recall, in october last year, the authorities of albania considered the introduction of state monopoly on betting.

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