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April 25, 2022
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The gambling operator hard rock international (hri) announced a new program to introduce the principles of responsible gambling against the background of the fact that the implementation of the project associated with the construction of an integrated resort in spain was questionable.

Construction of an integrated resort in Spain in question
Content: 1. Self-slip program2. Gambling project in spain

Self-slip program

The company launched a new playersedge program, which, according to hri representatives, is a comprehensive solution on the issue of learning and forming the right relationship of players to gambling.

The application of the program is scheduled in all gambling hri and seminole gaming. As part of the project implementation, cooperation will be carried out through social networks, public speeches, as well as the spread of printed materials.

It is possible that the implementation of the program – returning in the peak of american competitor mgm resorts, which in 2017 concluded an agreement on the use of a similar solution to gamesense.

According to representatives of hri, playersedge contains information about a variety of gaming factors, as well as ignorative etiquette. The latter will allow gembrellas to develop positive habits associated with gambling, as well as learn to identify signs of problem gambling in the early stages.

Among other things, the program includes the opportunity to get a referral and advice on problem gambling issues.

Gambling project in spain

Gambling project in Spain

Risky – this is how the future of the catalan project of the company hard rock entertainment world can be described. The cost of building a resort casino will be approximately €2 billion.

The project was approved in may 2018, the first construction phase was to begin in june of the current year, but the company failed to sign an agreement on the purchase of land on which the object could be built.

The alleged land plot was confiscated by the owners for the construction of the thematic park. Currently, the earth is the property of the investment division of la caixa bank. At the same time, the ex-owners of the land plot were constantly increased by explaining this hri business profitability.

The government for its part requires an increase in investment obligations to which the company cannot go due to the lack of a final decision on the issue with the land plot.

The authorities are ready to meet the company’s meeting and extend the license’s license to ensure that hri can solve the land.

Recall that the online casino hard rock international is popular with american users.

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