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January 14, 2022
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Organizers of contractual matches were detained in the republic of belarus. According to law enforcement agencies, the criminal group was engaged in «treaty» immediately in several team sports. The outcome of the mast was determined in accordance with the coefficients of bookmakers.

Control Matches Stopped in Belarus

Detention under directorate of the ministry of combating organized crime and corruption was held on january 5 in the city of mogilev. According to information from representatives of the ministry of internal affairs, the attackers worked on one scenario. Profit criminals received from foreign bookmakers.

Currently, a criminal case or fraud and bribery of participants and organizers of professional sports compettions and spectacular commercial compettions. Three professional athletes were detained, the rest are wanted.

Meanwhile, for russia, the problem of holding contractual matches is no less relevant. In this regard, in december last year, the odds online platform.Ru launched a free service that allows you to fix the change in the quotations of russian bookmakers.

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