Control Of The Finnish Igor Monopoly Veikkaus Can Be Strengthened

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April 15, 2022
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Competition and consumer protection agency for finland (kkv) made an initiative to create a central regulatory body of the gambling industry. Thus, the control of the igor monopoly veikkaus can be tightened.

Control of the Finnish Igor Monopoly Veikkaus can be strengthened

Representatives of kkv concluded that the current regulatory framework of finland is imperfect in many aspects. For example, various organs may be responsible for regulation of one segment. This leads to the fact that it is ultimately incomprehensible which of the departments is responsible for non-compliance with the parameters of the work.

From the point of view of european legislation, the gambling monopoly has the right to exist only if the operator minimizes the negative impact of gembling on society. The fact that the monopoly operator finances some social projects is not a sufficient condition for justifying its operation.

According to the head of kkv anu rajas, the current rules for the work of the gambling industry should be revised and improved within one of the responsible authority.

Currently, the finnish gambling monopoly regulates parliament, government and several departments, such as the ministries of finance, internal affairs, as well as culture and education. In addition, compliance with the rules of the industry provides the national police council, and the gambling advisory board gives the government of policy recommendations.

Currently, the Finnish gambling monopoly regulates parliament

The ministry of health, in turn, is engaged in the study of potential negative consequences of participation in gambling.

According to kkv, the problem is aggravated by the fact that veikkaus leaders can have a political influence on some state decisions.

Representatives of the department also believe that a single control body will reduce the amount of shadow market of gambling and to effectively deal with the problem of gambling dependence.

Report kkv – the first of the recommendations on the optimization of the industry operation. In addition, in society, it becomes increasingly calls for the abolition of gambling monopoly and the opening of the competitive market.

Recall that finland continues to fight advertising illegal gambling operators.

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