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August 3, 2022
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The british gambling commission in partnership with facebook has developed a guide aimed at limiting the number of advertising related to gambling, which users see on the social networking platform.

The manual explains the various ways to configure facebook security tools and parameters as part of a separate account to monitor what the user can and cannot see in its news feed.

The publication of the leadership will help reduce the risk of influencing messages and advertising related to gambling.

Users can:

  1. Hide advertising – from your news feeders users can control which are relevant, and use the function "whyer see this announcement?"To hide all ads from a specific advisser.
  2. Use the advertising setup tool – different sections of this function allow users to view advertising who have recently seen advertising, as well as choose a smaller ads for a number of predetermined topics.;
  3. Manage data – using this feature, users can control how their data are used to display advertising on facebook and beyond, including the possibility of targeting based on certain attributes listed in their profile.

Facebook consumer guide guide follows the advertising technology commission on gambling, developed for the industry at the beginning of this year. As a result, the industry adopted a number of new practices aimed at reduced exposure to vulnerable audiencees of advertising gambling on the internet.

The executive director of the nile macartur commission said:

"Protection of children and vulnerable people from causing harm or exploitation by gambling lies at the basis of what we do and that is why i called on the industry to think about how the can better use technologies to prevent the content and advertising associated with gambling , were seen by theese people.

Partnership to offer consumers clear, practical advice, and i hope that this will help them limit the content related to gambling, which see when using the platform."

Rick kelly, vice pressident global gaming on facebook, said:

"Facebook seeks to maintain a safe and transparent environment for people to control their experience on our platform. We are pleasion on gambling will help operators responsibly holping to protect peple whe use our services."

Readers can familiarize themselves with facebook user manual.

In 2019, the commission on gambling also collaborated with twitter to launch a similar manual for users of the microblogging platform.

Source: official website of the uk gambling commission

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