Corruption Scandal In Japan Touched Five Legislators

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April 28, 2022
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During the proceedings, five new persons under the government were named in the scandal associated with bribes from the chinese company 500.Com. The investigators had suspicions about the fact that bribes were aimed at the fact that an integrated resort was created in hokkaido, which accepts international casino brands.

Corruption scandal in Japan touched five legislators

Tsukas akimoto, a former member of the ruling liberal democratic party became the first high-ranking official who was arrested on charges of accepting a bribe from the company 500.Com.

Consultant 500.Catsunari catsunari pleaded that in 2017 each of the suspects at the present moment of lawmors he handed 1 million yen (just over $ 9.2 million). Tsukas akimoto himself received 3.7 million yen.

It is also known that tsukas akimoto to his arrest was among the legislators who were engaged in creating a government structure prepared for exit in 2021 and aimed at regulating the rules relating to the creation of integrated resorts. Five suspected legislators were part of the group aimed at the development of international tourism in japan. This situation can slow down work, which will lead to a change in the deadlines for the implementation of integrated resorts.

Early in 2018, the japanese government adopted a bill on the implementation of integrated resorts, which was designed to help legislators lay a legal framework for creating large projects.

Recall, in japan, an additional check will be conducted when purchasing chips, and tax rules can borrowed from the united states.

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