Costs Of Swedish Players For Gambling Will Be Limited

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May 20, 2022
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Minister of health and social affairs of sweden ardalan shekarabi made an initiative to introduce mandatory restrictions on the weekly deposit amount. It was proposed to establish that swedish players cannot spend more than 5 thousand. Kron ($ 495).

Costs of Swedish players for gambling will be limited

In addition, it is planned to review the conditions and the amount of bonus funds to players. Operators will be prohibited to provide more than 100 kroons as a bonus.

Presumably, new rules will act from june 1 and by the end of this year. The authorities believe that such a measure is justified due to the need to confront the consequences of a pandemic.

Moreover, the authorities decided to regulate the time that players can carry out gambling on the internet. The revision of the rtp indicator is also possible – theoretical percentage of return player.

It is known that new limitations will not be distributed to the video solver terminals (vlt). In the country, quarantine measures were also slightly softened.

Gustaf hoffstedt, general director of the swedish industry organization of online gambling, said that the introduction of additional restrictive measures could contribute that the players would give preference to unlicensed gambling operators.

Hoffstedt notes that the situation is already unfavorable – 25% of users are customers of representatives of the shadow market customers, and in the light of new circumstances the situation may exacerbate much stronger. Such a suggestion regarding the latvian market has already been made by representatives of the local industry, more about it – in material.

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It is known that the process of discussing innovations will occur until may 7. Thus, interested parties will have the opportunity to speak on the subject of restrictive measures. However, according to hoffstedta, it is unlikely that the authorities will go to change the initial conditions.

In addition, before september 1, the country’s gambling regulator will be reported monthly relative to the level of activity of illegal operators.

The ignorative regulator is also entrusted to expand the national register of sperpaus self-slipping for offline and online segments.

Recall that earlier the limit on the rates was introduced in belgium, the details on the link.

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