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April 21, 2022
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The course of the main cryptocurrency collapsed. In the morning of november 25, the cost of bitcoin was $ 6715, and in less than 24 hours the price fell by $ 500.

Course Bitcoin Fell: Causes and Consequency

Coinmarketcap data indicate a reduction in cost by 7.63% and record low capitalization in the amount of $ 121.2 billion.

We remind you that on friday there was a 10% fall of bitcoin, the cost of cryptocurrencies at that time was $ 7158. It is significant that the negative dynamics of the situation is contrary to the fourcasts of experts given last week. Their assumptions were built around the opinion that the cost of cryptocurrencies would not fall below $ 8 thousand.

Bitcoin’s course fell by provoking the response of the market: the most liquid electronic assets also began to lose in value: ethereum – by 9.82%, bitcoin cash – by 6.84%, xrp – 8.59%. Eos cost decreased by 9.83%, and bitcoin sv – by 8.04%.

Amazingly, but the general collapse of the market contributed to the growth of the price of unpopular e-currency storeum. For the day its cost increased by 302.99% – up to $ 0.Five. These events transferred it to 61 points up in the rating of the most expensive electronic assets.

Why the price of bitcoin fell – the question for which experts do not find a clear and unequivocal response, but the believe that the cost of takens will go on falling.

How much will bitcoin fall? According to forecasts, cryptocurrency can hand over $ 6500. At the same time, ethereum will drop to $ 130, litecoin – up to $ 40 and xrp – $ 0.Twenty.

Recall that the negative trend in the cryptocurrency market was not balanced even important news from the prc.

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