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April 26, 2022
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The bitcoin rate for december is not distinguished by constancy. For the week, the cost of cryptocurrency fell by $ 400, reaching $ 7,200 as of saturday, december 14.

Course Bitcoin for December: next turn

Coinmarketcap portal stated the capitalization of the main digital currency of $ 130 billion. It is significant that as of december 10, the indicator was $ 137 billion. During the day before december 14, the asset cost decreased by 0.37%.

Course bitcoin for december, according to experts, disappointing. Experts believe that the coin will continue to be cheaper. The fall of the price of bitcoin, presumably provokes a reduction in the cost of the rest of the liquid cryptocurrency.

Financial scouts also add that market growth is most likely a short-term character. The reduction in the price of an asset to $ 7,100 may affect the remaining cryptocurrency: the price of ethereum will be $ 142, litecoin – $ 42, and xrp – $ 0,21. Similar forecast made public on forex club.

Recall that not all experts are skeptical about the future bitcoin. There are those who believe that users should hold an asset.

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