Court Manila Refused To Consider The Case Of Illegal Removal Of Kadzuo Okada

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January 6, 2022
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District court of paramyak in the metropolitan region philippines rejected the petition of kadzuo okada on the casino-resort okada manila founded.

Court Manila Refused to Consider The Case Of Illegal Removal Of Kadzuo Okada

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Former chairman and director tiger resorts, leisure and entertainment, inc. (trlei) in august of the current year, a claim was filed in which heated that his removal from the leadership in june 2017 was due to fabricated accusations and with violation of the provisions of the corporate code.

According to the local newsletus of philippine daily inquirer, the judge of navi balitan did not accept the complent due to the fact that the petitionen day since the absence of okada.

«According to the records, the application was submitted on august 29, 2018, after almost a year and two monhs after illegal removal», – reported in court decision.

Trlei – branch tiger resort asia limited (tral), which is owned by okada holdings ltd. (ohl) through universal entertainment corporation (uec), from where okardi was also excluded. On this occasion, he sent a lawsuit in hong kong as soon as possible.

Chiroma, daughter okada, which owns 9% of ohl shares, participated in the removal of the company. Is reported that the came down and now the daughter is trying to recognize the invalid transfer of shares to brother tomochiro, which since then owns the controlling stake.

In september of this year, tral acquired two-thirds of the shares of the philippine holding company asiabest group international, inc. (abg) to own an open-stock company in the state. Okada spoke against such a step. The tender for the remaining third of the abg shares took place from november 12 to december 12, despite the fact that the minority shareholder carnell waldes filed a petition with the filipin securities and exchange commission (sec) on the termination of the procedure in connection with the haldha lawsuit.

The securities regulatory sec department (msrd) demanded from abg to make changes to the report on tender sentence, guided by the interests of the public and in orter to protect investors. Abg it is also necessary to publish this change in two sieving periodicals and extend the period of the tender supply for 10 days from the date of publication.

Recall year, kadzuo okada demanded that the acquistion of tiger deats asia ltd.

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