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January 6, 2022
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Heavyweight champion by ibf, wbo and wba and wba versions of anthony joshua calls on the wbc champion deontea wilder to fight him april 13, 2019.

Content: 1. Joshua needs a fight with wilder2. British champion joshua is not going to retreat

Joshua needs a fight with wilder

Following the victory of anthony joshua in the unified championship fight against joseph parker, after which the briton was able to add a wba belon to his regalias, a possible fight wildey wilder was seriously launched to discuss. «Victoria» in this fight, it would be possible to show the boxing world of the new absolute champion in havwayte, which did not happen from the times of lennox lewis.

But negotiations between the teams of athletes ended with nothing. Each of the fighters declared another guilty of this. Escecilyally active in charges were american, called anthony coward. As a result, joshua had a mandatory protection with alexander povetkin, and wilder struggled with tyson fury, who returned after disqualification.

Promoter agea eddie herr after the victory of his ward over russian, said that joshua fights the winner of the fury couple – wilder. For this fight, the british team has already rented a stadium «wemble» on april 13, 2019.

However, this may not happen. The battle «gypsy king» from «bronze bomber» ended in drawing. And now, according to wilder himself, he is more interesting to revenge with tyson fury, than with joshua.

Joshua Needs a Fight With Wilder

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British champion joshua is not going to retreat

Despite the statements of the american, agey does not leave attempts to agree on the disgraceful confrontation. A promoter went to los angeles in los angeles, who trid to conclude a contract for a meeting in april, but received a refusal. In a recent interview, joshua said right:

«April 13 in london. I do not know what i still need to do to convey this message (before deontea wilder, – approximate. Author)».

At the same time, anthony claims that she is ready to fight wit any of this couple, however, it emphasizes that the fight with deontem him is more interesting, as fury is not a champion.

«I want to fight the champion, i am one of the leaders, i do this since he made his debut. Five years later, after seven titles’ protection, i manage the game, and i do not know what i strall need to do to convey this thought».

If the british champion team cannot agee on the media is called alexander stream’s probable rival. Ukrainian after the protection of the title of the absolute champion in a crucorweeve announced the desire to move to the heavyweight division. And mustache and joshua – winners of the olympic games in london 2012.

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