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January 14, 2022
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Creating an entertainment cluster covering sevel casino-complexes is a very important step to increase the number of tourists in the primorsky territory in the far east of russia. This was stated by konstantin shestakov, director of the tourism department of the government of the primorsky territory.

Creating A Tourist Cluster - An Important Step In The Development Of The Primorsky Territory - Konstantin Shestakov
Content: 1. Statistical data2. Simplified visa mode3. Future plans

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Gambling in russia are legal only in four special regional zones, namely, altai, in krasnodar, kaliningrad and primorsky krai. The latter is the placement location for the seaside integrated entertainment resort area (ircz), located 50 km from the pacific port cities in vladivostok. The object takes 619 hectares, and for the first stage of the development of the zone, there is about a dozen objects covering 263 hectares.

«Irkz is a very important project to attract more tourists to the russian federation, especially in the primorsky territory. This is a vital project for us for several reasons: attracting foreign investment, attracting more foreign companies, diversifying our tourist proposal, the development of transport infrastructure and the expansion of hotel license plate», – noted shestakov.

In addition, he said, creating a tourist cluster – this is an opportunity to attract guests from such locations like mainland china, south korea and japan.

«This will help to make the primorsky region in demand at the international level», – he said.

Tigre de cristal – project of summit ascent holdings ltd registered in hong kong, – currently, the only active casino in the gambling zone «primorye». The first stage of construction was completed in 2015. Now the company is working on the expansion of the project.

Tigre de cristal

All objects planned in the framework of the first stage of the development of irks «primorye», must be commissioned by 2025. At the same time, companies must invest in total at least $ 2.70 billion, according to information provided by the state environmental supervision surveillance company – primorsky krai development corporation (crpk). In addition to the casino, private companies have committed themselves to provide investments for a number of non-chairs, including aqua and thematic parks, ski slopes and entertainment centers.

Statistical data

Shestakov said that the number of visitors to the primorsky territory doubled over the past two or three years.

«Growth is not so significant in the actual figures, but very encouraging», – he added.

Primorsky krai received 643,996 visitors from abroad in 2017, which is 13.3% more than in 20160, according to official data. More than 421,000 visitors arrived from mainland china.

Primorsky krai received 626,044 foreign guests for the first nine months of 2018, which is 21% more than in the previous year. The number of tourists from the mainland china has accounted for more than half of the total number of visitors from january january to september – 353 220 people. The number of visitors from south korea is more than double during this period and amounted to 175 170.

«We hope to increase the total visitors by 2018, – reported shestakov. –We expect the greatest growth in the south korea market, namely, thanks to improved transport accessibility for koreans, infrastructure, a large number of flights from the republic of korea and advertising activities with south korean company».

The ccrk head noted that the tourism department expects a minor increase in the total number of japanese tourists throughout 2018. However, he said, actively work is underway to attract guests from japan.

Simplified visa mode

Simplified Visa Mode

Shestakov also noted that the organization works on the issue of expansion toher markets: an electronic visa mode is introduced.

Since 2017, tourists from 18 countries, including china and japan, arriving by air or by sea, can get a visa upon arrival, provided that the have applied online no later than four days before the visit.

«We pay attention to other markets, plan to introduce simplified visa regime for 18 countries, – hestakov notic, leading to india, iran and singapore as an example. – considering that we have two major tourist sites nearby, in seoul and beijing, we can organize several interesting tours with transfers in these cities».

Future plans

Shestakov also mentioned plans for the commissioning of cruise liners, which will make vladivostok a more popular destination. He said that the tourism department plans to attract approximately 20 cruise liners, including vessels operated by costa cruises and royal caribbean.

In 2019, vladivostok airport will also serve more flights from mainland china and south korea.

Earlier it became known that in the gambling zone «primorye» a golf course will appear.

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