Creating A Tsus In Kazakhstan Try To Discredit Interested Parties: Ministry Of Culture And Sports

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April 22, 2022
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The ministry of culture and sports of kazakhstan commented on criticism regarding the planned creation of the rate of rates.

Creating a TSUS in Kazakhstan try to discredit interested parties: Ministry of Culture and Sports

The ministry stated that publications of this kind indicate the intention of discrediting the state initiative to guide the order and ensuring legality in the field of gambling industry. So, in the last months of autumn on different sites, articles on gambling business were increasingly published. The bulk of such publications is aimed at a challenge of doubts abyt the state initiative and demonstrates mainly the reaction of the owners of various bookmakers, which do not take into account public and government needs.

The department clarify that the authors of such statements claim that the creation of a rack accounting center is necessary to the authorities for «business robbery». Also, this initiative, according to the concern of kazakhstan, which concerns the subjects of the moraratorium. It is possible that the applicant is focused on achieving populist purposes, as it use in his report the concept of monopolization, lobbying and calls the center for accounting by private organization.

It is worth noting that center will be carried out by the accounting of rates on the basis of an open competition. Such an approach as a whole is the proven practice to fulfill various tasks and state policy goals.

Rate Accounting Center IS Able to Influence The Work of the Bookmakers

Having an independent person status, the rate of accounting is able to influence the work of the bookmaker’s office exclusively in terms of ensuring the full transparency of the money flow and in connection with this – to increase the amount of tax payments to the budget as a result of the withdrawal of shadow bookmakers. The work of the authorized bodies, as well as the implemented judicial sentines indicate that a number of bookmakers did not pay taxes.

The creation of the center will oppose the interests of small and medium-sized businesses of small and medium-sized businesses, but the bookmakers, according to the legislation of the are not small businesses. At the same time, the customers of the bc cannot be called the socially vulnerable layer of society.

The applicant proposes to reform hardware and software complexes while the fact that the information in such complexes is easy to adjust to the desired values. Data on such frauds are noted in numerous decisions made on ships according to the customer classes of bc, which could not get their winnings or return a specific amount.

The applicant’s examples that in the russian federation, such an accounting system is ineffective, as they are based exclusively at the oral poll of those representatives of the bookmaker market, which are not interested in business transparency. According to the information provided by the service to combat corruption in moscow, the amount executed tax funds increased significantly in comparison with last year.

According to the results of this, we can conclude that the applicant seeks only to discredit the initiative of the government of kazakhstan, consider it in the ministry.

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