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April 29, 2022
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Two years ago, japan legislators approved a bill allowing integrated resort casinos than the attention of world gembling community attracted to the country. However, despite this, the implementation of this issue took more time than expected initially.

Creating Integrated Resort Casino in Japan

At the moment, the final date of the implementation of the plan for the implementation of integrated resorts is unknown, but sevel companies have time to refuse to go to the japanese market, and the scandal about corruption between the chinese gambling company and the laws of japan attracted attention to the country at all.

According to media reports, today representatives of the opposition of japan unite the forces in order to make a bill on the abolition of the law on promotion of integrated resorts. It is known that the initial document from 2016 made it possible to create gambling resorts in japan. It expected that the legalization process will move from a dead point willt the framework of the relevant session on january 20.

The ruling liberal-democratic party has a controlling stake in both parliamentary chambers of japan, which may make it difficult to make any draft law from the opposition. The country’s legislators are not tooo concerned with this initiative, since it is developed for the selection of seats for future integrated resorts, as well as to define the first licensees.

Previously, it became known that the investigation of participation in bribery of several japanese lawmakers has dropped the process of introducing integrated resorts. One of the accused – tsukas akimoto – disproves all the accusations. Mikio simyodi at the same time admitted that he received about $ 9277 from the chinese gambling consultant 500.Com.

Recall, the corruption scandal affected the japanese legislators and the gambling operator from china.

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